World’s Most Underrated Countries You Should Visit Anytime

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It may seem that the world has not only been explored, but is now overwhelmed by tourist hordes or immigrants.

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While many destinations are thoroughly known, others – even in the midst of crowded Mediterranean Europe or adjacent to super-populated China – remain remarkably underappreciated.

No, that’s not an invitation to overwhelm them as well, rather it’s a means to spread the benefit of tourism.

If I may ask; when was the last time you heard about Bahrain or Bulgaria in the news, which may be a good thing, or on a travel show?

Do you know anyone who has been to Senegal or Cyprus? Although, I have some friends living in Cyprus.

However, we have to look beyond the usual UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, or Australians horizons, and find outstanding countries that offer something different and may well be cheap and uncrowded too.

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Therefore, go those extra miles, make a little more effort, revive your spirit of adventure and you’ll discover places almost unknown to mainstream American, UK, Australian travellers.

Here are few but fine destinations, each which come with full bragging rights, that you ought to consider if you wish to explore more comfortable countries.


The admirably low-key, comparatively tolerant Gulf state doesn’t have the glitz of the Emirates, but maintains its heritage and traditional culture and has a laidback lifestyle.

Spectacular mountain, desert and coastal scenery culminates on the Musandam Peninsula, which has been likened to Norway’s fjords – albeit a rather hot, barren version.

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Muscat, with its 16th-century forts, humongous Grand Mosque, striking modern-Islamic architecture and buzzing souks, is a pleasant introduction.

Then escape to ancient city Nizwa and into the high Hajar Mountains for spectacular hikes and four-wheel drive exploration.

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What’s not to like about a country in which “7 Seconds” singer Youssou N’Dour was tourism minister?

Only Francophones have discovered this friendly and vibrant nation despite its flamboyant culture, seven World Heritage sites, plump surf beaches, great music scene and spicy cuisine.

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Capital Dakar is chaotic and colourful. Nearby is startling Lac Rose pink lake and historic Goree Island, former gateway of the Atlantic slave trade.

NOTE: Senegal is home to famous talented American singer and songwriter Akon.


This tiny Gulf nation is also booming, with reclamation projects rising from the sea and skyscrapers heading ever upwards.

World-class events include the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Yet Bahrain is unpretentious, relaxed and little visited, and you’ll have far more chances to interact with locals.

 Capital Manama has shopping malls, craft centres and a lively restaurant and bar scene, especially around trendy Block 338.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque has informative tours on Islam and mosque architecture.

Not everything is new: Bahrain National Museum highlights cultural history, and you can visit ancient burial sites at Sar, traditional houses at Muharraq, and a Portuguese fort.

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Believe it not, Albania has emerged as a vogue destination with a Mediterranean lifestyle at 45 per cent less than Greece or Croatia – and far less crowded.

This new holiday hotspot has an Adriatic coastline, medieval castles, ancient Greek and Roman ruins, and a sumptuously rugged interior.

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Lonely Planet listed it in its “Best in Travel” list in 2023.


Do we know Uruguay for anything other than a footballing nation in South America?

This modest country is overshadowed by Argentina and Brazil, but South American tourists, and some discerning ones from the US, appreciate its safety, organisation, friendliness, cowboy culture and many unassuming delights.

Capital Montevideo, small but arty and progressive, is full of crumbling Art Deco and Modernist buildings. 

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