Which Country Is The Best To Visit In December?

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With that said, December is rightly called the season of the festival with all those Christmas vibes and a new year’s eve.

December marks the mid-winters in most of the countries taking you to the fairy world of snowmen and elves.

As soon as the school is closed for the winter break, one thing that excites people the most is a vacation with family or a trip to start a new year.

While there are hills covered with white snow with the sun shining bright, there are some places to visit in the world in December where you can embrace the warm sun, escaping the chills of the month, etc.

If I may ask; wouldn’t it be nice, if the year finished with a memorable vacation at any of the best December destinations in the world that has been on your mind for long?

Meanwhile, let’s run down the top 5 best country to visit come December.

Which Country Is The Best To Visit In December?

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Have you visited Africa before? African countries remain the best place to visit around the world anytime.

Mauritius, a top honeymoon destination of the world, it is known for its pristine beaches (Endless Beaches).

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An island nation in East Africa, Mauritius is the epitome of beauty and what makes it one of the places to go in December in world is the complete holiday experience.

Mauritius has a lot of luxurious resorts and hotels for accommodation.

The sandy beaches with turquoise clear waters, make Mauritius one of the best and safe places to travel in December.

Places to visit in Mauritius: Black River Gorges National Park, le aux Cerfs, Seven Colored Earth

Weather in December: The month of December is the best time to take a trip to Mauritius and enjoy open skies and sunshine

New Zealand:

When the entire world is covered in a white snowy blanket, it is New Zealand, that country in Oceania, that offers you warmth of the sun.

Auckland in New Zealand is one of your warm places to visit in December, where you can admire the serene skyline, the clear sky, and its dazzling beauty.

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The diverse culture of the city has always been the charm for many travelers where they can shop or hike or just get lazy at some nearby beaches.

Average Temperature: 14°C to 22°C

Reason to Travel in December: Warm Weather


Have you had in mind to visit United Arab Emirate (UAE)? A classic story of an oasis in the desert can be seen realized in Dubai.

In a desert that stretches endlessly for thousands of miles, there has been an ultra-futuristic city like Dubai built to flex the financial muscle of the royal Arab sheikhs.

Home to the world’s tallest building, the fastest Rollercoaster, and the world’s biggest water park, Dubai is an irresistible dream vacation for all travellers who love adventure.

Places to visit in Dubai: Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Gold Souk, Palm Jumeirah, and Wild Wadi Waterpark.
Things to shop: Perfumes, oudh, dates, pashmina gold, and electronics
Weather in December: The temperature in Dubai lies between 16 to 26 degrees Celsius.

South Africa

Have you heard about ZULU people or culture? My dear, from the mountains to the beaches, the cities, and wildlife, South Africa is one of the best countries to visit in December.

The month is considered to be the best time when you can explore every famous city such as Pretoria, Johanessburg, etc, and destination in South Africa.

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The pleasant warm weather and the old rugged places, housing a deep history and secret attracts travelers across the globe to spend the December season is SA.

Average Temperature14°C to 25°C.

Reason to Travel in December: Wildlife excursion

Mexico City:

This north American country is amazing. If one is looking for city destinations, then another amazing place to visit in the world in December is the capital of Mexico, Mexico City.

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Mexico City is mesmerizing for not just one, but for reasons too many.

Known for its scenic beauty, it has both pristine beaches and glorious heritage.

December is a great time to head here as the weather is both dry and mild.

The coastal areas are comparatively warmer than inland areas.

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Places to visit in Mexico City: Chapultepec Park, Metropolitan Cathedral, and the National Palace
Things to shop: coffee, chocolate, Talavera pottery, tequila
Weather in December: The weather is pleasant with temperatures between 24 to 28 degrees Celsius.

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