5 Important Resons Nigerians Travel Abroad

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With that said, Nigerians have witnessed one of the biggest intellectual/human exodus in recent times.

The common language used for it here in Nigeria is “JAPA” (to travel abroad) and every sector in Nigeria are affected. Nigerians are loosing their work force to countries like UK, Canada, Australia, US, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Turkey, UAE etc…..

In reality, Nigerians have been travelling out of the country for one thing or the other.

Today, many are still trying to leave the shores of the country, but the right question here is; what is the driving force behind all these? Why are Nigerians moving away from their mother-land?

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This leads to the topic: 5 Important Resons Nigerians Travel Abroad

1.Hardship & Corruption

I’m a Nigerian and I categorically state to you that many Nigerians are traveling due to hardship in the country and corruption of our leaders.

Did you know that so many people that traveled outside from Nigerian sold one or two of their valuable belongings?

Yes, so many sold their lands, cars, houses, business just to run away from the harsh condition of the country. Imagine a country where $1=N1,000 (Black market), what do you actually expect?

In Nigerian currently, there is nothing like MIDDLE CLASS, it’s either you are rich or poor.

And the number of poor poeple are far outwayed the number of rich ones. What about the rich ones? They are actually the leaders of the country.

They made policies that crushed the poor ones, and that makes them to leave, reason because they are not confortable anymore.

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2. Job Opportunity

There are many job opportunities abroad than you will find here in Nigeria. People who troop out of the country are aware of this.

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The rate of unemployment in Nigeria has skyrocketed and many Nigerian youths are tired of searching for jobs that are not available or can’t bring food on their table.

They know where these jobs are available and they fly out of the country as soon as they can to avail themselves of the opportunities abroad.

3. Education and Career Advancement

The quality of education in America and Europe, even in Asians is better than what we have in Nigeria, and this is one of the reasons Nigerians leave the shores of the country.

With certificates obtained in higher institutions abroad, they are aware that companies in Nigeria will be seeking to employ them.

NOTE: Majority of those that venture into this are members of political class…..

Also, many people find it easier to advance in their career abroad than they will in Nigeria.

Those in the creative industry are more appreciated in the diaspora than they are in their own country.

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4. Income Or Finance

Remember the difference in currency value between US Dollar and Nigerian Naira.

Nigerians are aware that the time and energy they invest in working in the country will earn them more income if they replicate that abroad.

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Being hard working in the diaspora means more money in the bank account, but the same cannot be said in the case of Nigeria.

5. To Become Citizen of That Very country

This is one of the reasons Nigerians leave the shores of the country. They want to become citizen of that very country or they want their kids to have dual citizenship and receive the opportunities every other child in the foreign country receives.

In summy, no individual likes to suffer at the expense of currupt leaders and seeking for opportunities elsewhere might be an option or solution to that.

That looks like what it is here in Nigeria right away.

However, I stand for correction, and your opinion counts as well……..

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