20 Best Associate Degrees Jobs

20 Best Associate Degrees Jobs? I believe, whenever you hear about associate degree(s) job, one key thing that comes to mind is; what is actually associate degree jobs?

Well, an associate degree usually takes two years of post-secondary education to complete.

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If you’re a recent high school graduate hoping to further your education before embarking upon a career, this might be a useful educational opportunity to select.

It can also be useful for those hoping to either transition into a new career or advance in their current one.

You can achieve an associate degree in a wide range of subjects.

The good thing is that, they’re typically cheaper and faster to earn than a bachelor’s degree, making them an attractive alternative to getting the job you want that pays well.

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In addition, individuals who are interested in developing a skill and joining the workforce quickly upon graduation from college might benefit from earning one of these degrees. 

1. Dietary technician

Dietary technicians, also known as dietary aides, work alongside dietitians to help clients with dietary issues. 

These individuals help clients improve their quality of life by assisting with their diet.

Specifically, they might create meal plans and inform clients about healthy choices.

They also work with clients to help them set and achieve certain goals, such as weight loss or building muscle mass.

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Average salary: $36,708 per year

Education requirements: Associate of Applied Science in dietetics or nutrition or an Associate of Science in dietetic technology

2. Air traffic controller

Primary duties: Air traffic controllers coordinating the movement of aircraft to ensure their safety.

They manage both the departure and arrival of planes at airports, issue takeoff and landing instructions and authorize any changes to flight paths.

Air traffic controllers also alert pilots to any problems or communicate with airport response teams in the event of an emergency.

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Average salary: $42,388 per year

Education requirements: Associate degree in air traffic control

3. Paralegal

Primary duties: Paralegals assist attorneys by drafting documents, organizing and filing paperwork, meeting with clients to discuss case details and conducting research into case law.

A paralegal can also gain experience in the field of law, which may help them become an attorney.

Daily tasks may include legal reading and paperwork.

Average salary: $43,051 per year

Education requirements: Associate degree in paralegal studies

4. Store manager

Primary duties: A store manager works to ensure that a store is always operating smoothly.

They may multitask and use skills like organization, responsibility and customer service to keep everything operating efficiently.

They may also track inventory, order supplies and create schedules.

Average salary: $45,990 per year

Educational requirements: Associate of Applied Science in retail management

5. Pastry chef

Primary duties: Pastry chefs create various desserts and treats. They specialize in making cakes, cookies, brownies, scones and other sweets.

Pastry chefs may work in a restaurant, as freelancers or for large businesses producing products in bulk.

Average salary: $46,581 per year

Educational requirements: Associate degree in culinary arts

6. Cable installer

Primary duties: Cable installers help set up and repair wires that aide telecommunication.

They might install cables for television, internet or telephones.

These technicians can also make repairs and help individuals understand what issues they might experience and how to solve them by adjusting the cabling.

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Average salary: $48,704 per year

Educational requirements: High school diploma, GED certificate or associate degree in electronics or telecommunications

7. Web designer

Primary duties: Web designers use their creativity and technical knowledge to design functional and aesthetically pleasing websites based on client needs.

They can work for design firms, on marketing teams and as freelancers.

Web designers may use programming languages along with the basic elements of design to take a client’s ideas and turn them into a website.

Average salary: $52,816 per year

Educational requirements: An associate degree in web design or a bachelor’s degree in marketing may be useful, but are not required.

8. Funeral director

Primary duties: Funeral directors manage and plan funeral home services.

They may help families plan burials for loved-ones and prepare the proper services, including speeches and pallbearers.

Funeral directors also use organizational skills to schedule and communicate with multiple families at the same time.

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The educational requirements for funeral directors vary by state.

Average salary: $54,452 per year

Educational requirements: Graduation from a program accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education

9. Police officer

Primary duties: The primary duty of a police officer is to protect people and property. They enforce laws and providing assistance when needed for the state, towns or city for which they work.

Police officers respond to emergency calls of all kinds, then assume responsibility for managing the situation.

They’re also make full reports of each incident and may give testimony in court.

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Average salary: $55,502 per year

Educational requirements: Associate degree in criminal justice.

10. Social services assistant

Primary duties: Social services assistants work alongside social workers and psychologists to help others through difficult times.

They may provide advice for government agencies, rehabilitation centers, family shelters and nursing care facilities.

They also may specialize in working with the elderly, people with disabilities or individuals experiencing addiction.

Average salary: $59,423 per year

Educational requirements: Associate degree in human services

11. Electrical engineering technician

Primary duties: Electrical engineering technicians build and repair electrical systems or instruments.

They often work at construction sites to ensure the building process fits the electrical needs.

They may also inspect existing electrical systems for quality control and make reports regarding any issues they find.

Average salary: $61,282 per year

Educational requirements: Associate degree in electrical engineering technology

12. Office manager

Primary duties: An office manager helps oversee the administrative work of a company.

They may use organizational and communication skills to ensure everyone in the office has the appropriate tools and time to complete their work efficiently.

Specific duties include completing paperwork, offering office support, delegating tasks and evaluating coworkers.

Average salary: $63,511 per year

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree in business administration or an associate degree in office supervision and management

13. Fashion designer

Primary duties: Fashion designers use their creativity to create new looks in clothes fashion.

They design items like shirts, pants, shoes, bags, dresses and suits.

Fashion designers may also collaborate with sales and marketing personnel to create products for which there’s likely to be a demand.

You can pursue a degree in fashion design, fashion management or costume design to prepare for this career. 

Average salary: $65,467 per year

14. Web developer

Primary duties: Web developers create functioning websites.

While web designers focus on how a website looks, web developers focus on what the website can accomplish.

They use programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java and Python to develop online shopping carts, product tracking, email subscription lists or custom content management systems.

Average salary: $67,839 per year

Educational requirements: Associate degree in web design and development

15. Drafter

Primary duties: Drafters use their technical understanding to convert designs from architects or engineers into a visual format.

They may collaborate with the originator to ensure that the technical drawings they create align with the original intention of the design.

These individuals may focus on civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical drafting or architectural drafting.

Average salary: $69,430 per year

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Educational requirements: Associate of Applied Science in drafting

16. Landscape technician

Primary duties: Landscape technicians, also known as landscapers or groundskeepers, make outdoor areas aesthetically appealing.

They use their knowledge of plants and exterior decorating to improve lawns, gardens and other outdoor places.

Typical work includes mowing lawns, trimming bushes, planting flowers and trees, building fountains and creating pathways.

Average salary: $69,969 per year

Educational requirements: Associate degree in landscape and ornamental horticulture

17. Nuclear technician

Primary duties: A nuclear technician operates equipment at a nuclear energy plant.

These technicians also monitor the radiation the plant produces to ensure the levels remain safe.

They may also assist researchers with nuclear research and collaborate closely with physicists and engineers.

Average salary: $70,202 per year

Educational requirements: Associate or bachelor’s degree in engineering, physics, chemistry or engineering technologies

18. HVAC installer

Primary duties: An HVAC installer is responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC systems in homes and businesses, providing heating, ventilation and air conditioning to a building.

HVAC installers typically travel to local areas for the installation. They work both indoors and outdoors.

Average salary: $71,254 per year

Educational requirements: HVAC technician associate degree

19. Hydrologic technician

Primary duties: Hydrologic technicians install and hydraulic systems and equipment like pumps, valves and motors.

This may involve reading and interpreting blueprints and troubleshooting challenges that emerge during the installation process.

These technicians may also perform maintenance and repairs on existing systems to ensure they continue to function well.

Average salary: $72,273 per year

Educational requirements: Associate degree in applied science, technology or a related subject

20. Computer programmer

Primary duties: Computer programmers write instructions that computers can follow to carry out complex actions.

They can work with a variety of programming languages, such as Python, Ruby or C++.

They can create the initial program and run tests to look for problems and make updates to the application or software.

You may find a job as a computer programmer once you gain an associate degree in computer science. 

Average salary: $72,705 per year

Educational requirements:  A bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology or a related field, such as mathematics.

Reference: Indeed.com

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