Simple Ways To Raise Funding To Study Abroad 

Simple Ways To Raise Funding To Study Abroad? Getting enrolled for a degree programme at top ranked international university is expensive whereas an international student also has to arrange funds for their study visa, flight ticket, settlement, and for living expenses.

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So I know of those talented students for whom it becomes very difficult to afford the cost of studying abroad and for that reason I wrote this article to provide 4 simple ways through which funds can be raised for studying abroad.

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Simple Ways To Raise Funding To Study Abroad 

1- Fully Funded Scholarships

My top recommendation and your first preference should be to look out for international fully funded scholarships and try to apply for government funded scholarships in first place because those academic grants are high paying with a complete student package sponsoring tuition fees, study visa, airtickets, stipend and settlement funds, experimental expenditures, residence facility, and health/sickness insurance of students.

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Now you might wonder what would be your chances to win those fully funded scholarships abroad so I have to tell you that if you have got 70% marks in your last attended degree or a CGPA of 3 on scale of 4 then you have very thick chances to win a fully funded government scholarship such as commonwealth scholarshipsCSC scholarshipMEXT scholarshipAustralia awards scholarshipschevening scholarshipsfulbright scholarships, or SINGA awards.

2- Fully Funded Fellowships

Your option two would be search and apply for international fellowships and before you do so i think this is of extreme importance to get an idea of what these fellowships are and if you stand eligible to get them or not.

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International fellowships are actually offered by institutes (Universities, laboratories, government research labs) to hire students with undergraduate degrees for enrollment in postgrad or postdoc research based programmes and if you ask me which of the international fellowships, I would recommend you to consider applying for Hongkong fellowshipsDAAD fellowshipsAustralian endeavour fellowshipserasmus mundus fellowships, or Friedrich Ebert Foundation fellowships.

3- Study Loans

Obtaining a study loan to raise funding for your next academic journey is obviously a way forward but I do not recommend this to students to knock at this door because study loans are meant to be pay back so why you get funding raised from a study loan when you can easily win a fellowship or a scholarship.

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But if this is the only way available for you to raise funding for studying abroad, then I recommend you to discover Forbes featured study loan companies to find out which study loan program would be a best fit for your needs.

4- Exchange Programmes

This option is for those students who are basically enrolled at their local universities and have desire to study some semesters abroad in a foreign university and you will be surprised to know that this actually is very much possible if your University have agreements of collaboration with foreign universities.

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This way both universities exchange their students for a few semesters and if you want to apply for these exchange programs, then I recommend you to please get in touch with financial aid department of your university to explore possibilities of exchange programs by your university.

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