This Too Will Pass Away……..

Just few months ago, I had a project at hand and the funds within my reach was utilized for unforseen emergencies, but l didn’t want to let that very project slip off my hands. I thought of what to do, and l came up with one dizzy decision, borrowing.

Though l didn’t fancy it to be the best option, but I decided to give it positive vibe and go ahead to request for it. I contacted one of my best friends, whom l believed is in the right positin to assist me with the request.

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Though he explained to me that such funds are not available within his reach at the moment, pointing out some neccessary family responsibilities upon his shoulders. But he then go ahead and said to me, when l told him that l have nothing left with me; Chidera, this too will pass away…….

My reply to that declaration above was, as expected faint and without faith, because that’s not what l’m actually looking for at the moment. But something kept me going, NOTHING LAST FOREVER. Then l have to encourage myself and accept the declaration that, “Chidera, this too will pass away….

My dear, l know you won’t believe the fact that someone such as me, can be borrowing money from friends, but such is life. Sometines life gives you what you never bargained for, what you never dreamed of, what doesn’t suit you, what seems odd to you. Such is life Nwanne (my dear).

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Honestly, at that very period, you have to make an internal resolve and believe God that this too will surely pass away. No situation is permanent.

However, I’m encouraging you, despite the challenging situations you’re facing right now, to remain resolute in God. Put it in prayers and move on with the intention of achieving your goals and God-given destiny.

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Remember, in any condition(s) you find yourself to be, this too will pass away…….Time heals.

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok……………………Cele Writer.