Does Masturbation Hinders One’s Success?

I don’t usually talk about this most often but there is need to shade “small light” on this retarding act. Before I go ahead to dive into this very opinion-divided topic, let me first declare my faith open.

I’m a Christian, infact, I was born a Christian and still a Christian untill I exist no more. But besides been a Christian, I’m medically inclined as well.

With my faith and knowledge mentioned above, permit me to say that my personal view on this very issue won’t be inductive or one-sided, perhaps without obvious basis. I stand to be corrected if found otherwise.

However, Does Masturbation Hinders One’s Success? Medically, the answer is capital NO as for me (I need to be corrected here, if possible), but have in mind that there are “things” that mock science to an extent. Let’s look at it from another perspective.

When you practice the act of masturbation, you’re creating an “envisible partner” (I need to be corrected here, if possible). A partner you can’t say “NO” when you people get started.

Are you aware that after involving yourself with masturbation, you will definitely become WEAK as if you had encounter with the opposite?

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Also, it’s obvious that someone who masturbates lacks self-esteem. He or she can’t face the “real world” rather, he or she will like to be isolated without knowing that he or she has been enslaved by “unknown partner”, who is very destructive and jealous.

Are you also aware that after someone finished masturbating, he or she can’t THINK of having sex with any real partner for some weeks if not months? Remember, each time someone “RELEASES”, energy is lost.

I want to ask you; where did you release that energy to? To a body or “unknown”? And who is that “unknown”? Honestly, a wasted energy is synonymous to wasted destiny, no doubt.

Actually, I want to leave you with this very confession from someone who has been involved in this very self-destructive act that piqued my attention to share this very post to you.

From this very post, you can now choose by yourself either God or mammon, success or poverty, to masturbate or to maintain your status quo and be fruitful in life……..

“Hello guys this is incredulous, I have been masturbating for the past 22 years, got addicted since 2001 till date. I’m still struggling, and “men” I have not achieved anything tangible in life, I am 36 years now, no wife, no job, no home (mine to be exact), living in my mum’s home helping her run her school situated in her home.

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I once worked in a car wash, but was driven away due to incessant complaints by customers, got admitted to Obafemi Awolowo University twice, dropped out twice, like “men” I have suffered, I rely on God and his Word, while I keep myself busy on the internet mostly on Nairaland, I searched for masturbation on the Nairaland search bar and was shocked to find out that I wasn’t alone in this struggle.

There are actually some cases similar to mine on the platform, I have no friends, people just hate me for no reason. In fact during my stay at the campus, I needed funds, so I liased with a guy who was good at sports betting. I mean this guy was good he usually cashed out at least thrice a week.

You wouldn’t believe this, this guy gave me his games to stake on to earn some money for myself. For that week, neither I nor him won a single betslip.

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He had to confront me and told me to my face that I had bad luck, and that he wouldn’t be giving me games any further.

I had to go to a site within the campus to do some labourer job, “men” it got so bad that even the contractors, bricklayers and co-labourers knew something was wrong with me. I had to leave in shame.

My roomates at school were speaking indirectly and wouldn’t tell me to my face, but related the matter as if speaking about a third party, inwardly I knew who they were talking about. “Men” I really suffered.

So please guys masturbation destroys someones progressivity, I am not totally free, but I know by the grace of God, I will overcome this besseting sin.

This is for those who find theirselves enmeshed in this same scenario. May the Lord Almighty give us the grace to overcome this terrible monster.


Then, if I may ask; Does Masturbation Hinders One’s Success?

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok – Cele Writer…..