Zobo Drinks & Fertility: Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink -

Zobo Drinks & Fertility: Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink

Health benefits of Zobo drink? Zobo is a popular beverage drink in Nigeria and popularly referred to as ‘Zoborodo’ in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Made from Roselle leaves (Hibiscus Sabdariffa), the delicious drink is not only refreshing but without any additional ingredients, those hibiscus flowers used in making zobo is highly nutritious and as such there are many health benefits.

For many people who know about the health benefits of Zobo, a fan favourite for many is the fertility benefit for both males and females. Below are three ways zobo improves your fertility.

Improves Sperm Count And Motility

In case you don’t know, men also have infertility issues as statics even show that for 30% of couples who struggle with conceiving, the man has infertility issues.

Zobo drink comes in handy for improving sperm fertility and even more so when it is paired with ginger and consumed regularly.

Stimulates Menses

As a woman who suffers irregular menstruation, taking zobo drink can help restore balance.

Reduces Menstrual Pain

Zobo drink is also great for women who suffer painful cramps while menstruating as it provides natural relief.

It is noteworthy that zobo is not as good on women fertility as it is on men. In women it can reduce the production of oestrogen, cause miscarriage or premature labour during pregnancy.

Asides fertility, some other health benefits of zobo drink includes helping with weight loss, helps with maintaining healthy eyes, fights high blood pressure, combats anemia, supports the digestive system, helps cure hypertension syndrome, prevent early aging, helps the liver function properly, and reportedly treat depression in early stages.

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