Zina Daoudia – Sar Far Mp3 Download/Lyrics

Zina Daoudia – Sar Far Mp3 Download/Lyrics.

Zina Daoudia is a Moroccan Pop singer born on November 01, 1979 and raised in Casablanca.

She was very much fond of music and singing that she started singing at the age of 9 years during her school events.

She was firstly influenced by the Algerian Rai genre and chose to herself the nickname “Sheba Zina” after doing a duet song “La Ya Amal” with the Rai Algerian singer Sheb Naoufal.

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But she didn’t get much popular by then until she made a switch into the Moroccan pop music and she has learned to play the violin and piano that brought the audience’s attention to her knowing that she was the only “Sheikha” who was known to play an instrument. ….Continue

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