You’re Closer Than You Think

Don’t you know you’re closer than you think? Some years back, when I looked at some graduates that are serving the nation for the period of one year (NYSC), I then ask myself; when will I ever be in the university let alone serving? Most times tears of sorrow flows down my cheek.

Then, I perceived myself not successful or that I haven’t achieved anything tangible in life. Most often, I felt hopeless and nervous as though I’m being left behind or nature perhaps has dented my life negatively.

Actually, it wasn’t quite easy for me then but with time and dedication, I finished a five (5) years course (Biochemistry) without knowing I have accomplished so. And the following year after my graduation, I became a Corp member (NYSC) and served.

It was after my service year that it dawned on me that I was very close being a Corp member then than I thought. One American famous author, Tyler Perry, testified that at age “30” he was still struggling to make it in life. But what happens next?

Just some months or years later, he broke into stardom in Hollywood. He was closer to his destiny than he thought initially.

No doubt, so many of us face hard times. Some sickness is the barrier. For some, lack of finance is the case. For some, food to eat is the limiting factor. For some, lack of assistance is the only resistance causing them not to break the “glass ceiling”.

And for some, lack of freedom and injustice has hampered their development, some family background and faulty foundation has masked their gifts and talents. For some, marriage or toxic relationship has enslaved them.

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But did you know that you’re closer than you think? Did you know that there may be weeping in the night but joy always comes in the morning? Are you aware that your labour will never be in vain?

Also are you aware that when there is a will there is also a way? Don’t you know that your creator knows what you’re passing through and He cares for you?

If you know and believe, then you’re closer to that desire, dreams, goals and prayers than you think. Wipe your tears away, have faith, be strong and maintain good courage because what’s meant for you can only be DELAYED but not DENIED.

From: Oduigwe, Chidera Dok


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