You and I have to believe that there are times, periods even seasons in human lives when Ego (money) and some other gifts are no longer satisfying. It seems like the person has lost its desire for Ego and enticing things. As if, he or she doesn’t welcome any charming gifts, foods, clothing among others. For the person, those things are worthless hence they don’t count for him or her any more. Even a brand new car may sounds like HADES to that grieved person. I know you may ask; when actually do humans experience such a time, period or season?

Well, depending on your lifestyle, the period is actually that current state of yours when you are not happy. That very moment when your love or someone provoked you to anger. That moment that brings about hormonal changes in your life. That moment when everything around you have lost its aesthetic value. That very moment when the healing capacity of gift seems lost and ineffective. During that emotional transition when mere gifts can no longer bind together emotional wounds, broken heart, disappointments, resentment and misunderstanding among others. They can’t quench that “burning fire” internally.

At this time, material things have lost its prowess and rekindling power in the life of that particular person. That person might be your spouse (husband or wife), lovebird, your..…….. (I didn’t say anything ooo), sibling or just a friend. Then, when such is the case, what next? I may suggest one thing and that very thing is your WORDS. Here, your profession does or does not matter, but what really matters is your ability and courage to say what you have in mind. Use those terms you know and mastered to drive him or her crazy. If you are a health worker, use those health terms to confuse him or her. Maybe you are a lawyer, tailor, teacher, blogger and the rest of it. Just use those terms constructively to draw your love back to you from those northward feelings. Use those crafty words eloquently in order to bring your Igwe or Lolo (king or queen) back to your heart.

My dear I tell you, your mistakes and inaccuracy add spices to your words. Express your love and try to convince him or her through your ever compelling words. You will just be surprised how fascinated and solaced he or she might be hearing you speak lovely and passionately.

However, as for me a Biochemist, I will remind her how I loved her like a lyase enzyme in catabolic reaction. How she cleaved my heart like a hydrolase enzyme in hydrolytic reaction. How she has been assembled my heart together like a polymerase enzyme in DNA and RNA polymerization reaction. How she break my stubbornness like a pectinase enzyme in pectin breakdown. How she converts me to a man with a loving heart like aldolase enzyme in a reversible reaction that splits aldols. How we kissed each other like kinase enzyme in the transfer of phosphate group. Finally, I will remind her how she promised, despite ups and downs, to always be with me like a permaese membrane permanently present in cells.

Although she might be confused a bit but that kind of confusion is a work done and it worth it. Meanwhile, majority of lovebirds failed to talk to each other this way and the allow resentment to build-up to their relationship. Always remember that those crazy times need your sincere words with the spirit of appreciation and not being judgmental. Solomon once said “How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! How much better is thy love than wine and the smell of your ointments than all spices.” Yes nkem (my own), your words really and passionately count for him or her.

From Oduigwe Chidera Dok


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