Your Identity Must Be Questioned -

Your Identity Must Be Questioned

I woke up one Sunday morning, preparing for choir ministration song but before listening to the song, I have to complete my morning routine exercise by performing thirty (30) press-up counts. Then after scoring the song, I get myself ready for the service.

During the ministration period at the church service, worshippers start to express gratitude towards to the ministration impact. Meanwhile, when the praise and worship session was going on, it took just few worshippers to appreciate the tenacity of the choir members to lift up souls and hearts of the worshippers.

They expressed their feelings facially and it was clearly written on their faces. “What happened to you guys during praise and worship session?” They unrelentingly questioned our stand after the church service.

It was actually that very question that helped us to find our “square root” and make an impactful ministration, praise and worship sessions the next Sunday.

Within us then, we may think that all is well but to the congregation out there, we are far removed from the main track. Honestly, the identity and stand of all choir members was questioned on that faithful day.

If I may ask; what is it that questioned your identity or stand? What actually is that that mock your development and progress? To be honest, lack of money may question your financial prowess, but what is your reaction towards it?

I know sexual promiscuous may question your faithfulness in your marriage, but what have you done about it? I know, people may question your appearance or physique, but what do you say about yourself?

Maybe taking too much alcohol or smoking has impaired your health, but what steps are you actually taking to put a stop to that menace?

It’s also possible that the failed relationship has dented your heart, but are you still in its cocoon? Even depression may cause you to consider committing suicide, but is taking your life worth it? Eeee?

My brother, your identity must be questioned by something or somebody whether you are ready for it or not. But it’s better you are ready or you lose the battle. My favourite Nigerian musician, Tu Baba (formerly known as Tuface), once expressed in one of his song tracks that “If nobody talks about you then you are nobody

Are you “nobody”? If you are somebody, then be ever ready to face it. Remember, your identity must be questioned and it must come, if not today may be next time.

I know some of you may question my writing skills due to some grammatical errors found in this very article. I know and I’m very much aware of such but that will not stop me from publishing another one next time………..

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok



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