You can spend hundreds on conditioners and treatments, but healthy, beautiful hair is more about what you put into your body than what you place on your head. According to experts, poor diet can cause hair thinning and hair loss as well as lackluster hair, dryness and excess sebum. A high-stress lifestyle and bad nutrition can be catalysts for damage which may need years to recover.
If your hair keeps breaking, eat red meat: ‘Iron is a top strength booster,’ says expert. It carries the blood’s supply of oxygen around the body keeping hair strong and nourished. Thin and limp hair is the first sign that you aren’t getting enough iron. As red meat is a great source of iron, eat a portion of beef or lamb at least twice a week. Lentils and spinach are also good sources of iron.
Going grey? Try chocolate. Melanin, the pigment that forms the colour in your hair and skin, is responsible for keeping your tresses vibrant. Foods that boost the presence of melanin in your body include chocolate (especially the dark variety). If you want softer hair, eating salmon might help as the Omega-3 and 6 it contains boost scalp health. Essential fatty acids keep the scalp moisturised, help hair maintain hydration and elasticity. Oily fish such as tuna, salmon and mackerel are excellent sources of fatty acids: eat them once or twice a week.
Finally, avocados and walnuts could boost hair shine. The better lubricated the cuticle layer on your hair, the smoother the surface of the hair and the shinier it looks.

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