Youngsters And Babies Not Immune To Coronavirus -

Youngsters And Babies Not Immune To Coronavirus

The belief that children are immune to coronavirus has been debunked. Doctors have warned that children and young adults are not safe from this pandemic.

Experts say the highly contagious infection can still spread between children and youngsters, even though the elderly are most at risk. They further warn that the life-threatening illness may cause unusual symptoms in children, such as stomach aches while the obvious symptoms are a cough and fever as reported by The Daily Mail.

A study in China, where the outbreak began in December, found that almost one in ten patients in the country were under the age of 30.

World Health Organization chiefs have said young people are ‘not invincible’ and could end up in hospital ‘for weeks’.

This warning comes after it was revealed yesterday that an 18-year-old coronavirus patient from England had become the UK’s youngest victim. The teenager, one of the 281 deaths reported in the UK, had an underlying health condition but officials refused to reveal what it was.

Also, a man in Atlanta revealed his 12-year-old cousin is fighting for her life on a ventilator after testing positive for COVID-19 while a mother from Cardiff told of the ‘very distressing’ experience watching her six-month-old baby boy battle a fever after catching the virus from his father.

Young people could also be carriers of the disease without showing any signs, passing it to other people without even knowing it. It is then advisable for everyone to maintain social-distance, be it children or adults.

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