You Just Have To Run By Oduigwe Chidera Dok

You just have to run. From kindergarten, life seems alright between us as friends. Life was just normal to the eyes of everyone – no gender discrimination, no sign of competition, no segregation with limited envy among peers.

All we need to do then was to share, among ourselves, some cabin biscuit, Akara, bread or chin-chin our parents/guardians gave us. We grow together with harmony as though time per se will not take its cause on our “virgin attitude” towards each other.

However, when we stepped into secondary school level, nature perhaps start to take its toll on our metamorphosing character. Now some start to make new friends, cliques, forming new sorority and some decided to make an adjustment in order to embrace some enticing friends and lifestyles.

With time, we start to distant and create noticeable boundary between each other. A kind of unusual character flaws now exist. That strong bond that once existed among us starts to experience weakness and lack of connection.

Many of us have started, by now, setting standard and achievable goals for ourselves. We are now making plans to live a better life far better than our peers.

The knowledge of “I first” starts to shadow collective success, which invariably leads to competition, envy and antagonistic lifestyle that favours greed, personal gain and self-development.

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And by the time we are through with secondary school, almost all have gone their separate ways in search for better life and lucrative careers. “Nobody sends each other” again

Some may however manage to check on you, but bear in mind that they did so just to weigh your current stand and societal status. And if they noticed that they are ahead of you for the moment, that might be the end of their communication with you.

It seems to them that you have nothing to offer. They see you as a wallflower or dweeb.

But these “bubble guys” forgot that it’s to ONE according to his TIME and SEASONS. So therefore, I urge you my dearest to Just Run, make that move, and run for your dear life as no one is there for you. You may know them by name but not really character-wise, as the heart is deceitful.

Actually, they are your “real friends” but wait and look at them for the second time when they have “arrived.” You will likely see a beast and your eyes can’t behold them anymore.

Many will even act like a vampire just to suck life out of your present predicament while some will like to ensnare you for their satisfaction.

I know you may ask; how can I handle this? The answer is so simple, Just Run without having in mind he or she got your back. Run before it’s too late and don’t ever conclude that he or she is there for you. Just have in mind that their “existence doesn’t exist.”

Run for that goal, that dream, your heart desire and consider it your personal race and not theirs (Emeka or Ezinne). Remember, your understanding makes you outstanding. So therefore, you just have to run………..

From: Oduigwe, Chidera Dok

Courtesy: Oduigwe Maria (Adigwoloja Nnne’m)

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