Would There Be A Willing Mind? -

Would There Be A Willing Mind?

When we were younger, a lot of great dreams pop up in our partially-filled mind. Many of us then, I could remember, wished to be medical practitioner, law maker, pilot, politician, travelling abroad, being an academic professor and so on.

We wished to study at the best and advanced institutions, get a very nice job, make a good family among others. We made all those wishes without recognizing the financial capacity of our parents, our family background, and the economic impact on the income of our potential sponsors, even what it takes to get there.

Because of the known and unknown impact, some couldn’t hold on to their revelations. The ever-changing globe has influenced their heart. However, most of us now found ourselves far removed from our initial desire or dreams. Honestly, I’m quite sure that it’s TIME that makes the difference and the credibility required to seize those dreams is that of STREET CREDIBILITY.

I’m also aware that to stay on that very part is not a fluke, as it requires a lot sacrifices and patient. But the question here is; would there be a willing mind? A mind that cannot be influenced by the ever-changing globe. A mind that is just out for the sacrifices. A mind that is fixed and determined to challenge the faulty foundation.

A mind that believes in what the future holds. A mind that has been liberated, unnatural mind. A mind that believes in possibilities, a positive mind. A mind that looks how far he has gone and consider not quitting despite the thorns and tears. A mind that corrals his fears, weakness and still face the crowd.

Nwanne’m, to get your dreams fulfilled requires you to have a mindset that doesn’t consider family status quo, financial dysentery, age bracket, colour of skin, educational background, or even gender. Rather it requires a “Lion Heart”, a heart filled with willingness, a willing mind.

Remember, where there is a will, there is a way and where there is a way, there must be a will. The year 2020 is here, so my dear be willing to achieve your dreams, your goals and your heart desires.

See you in 2020 my love.

From: Oduigwe, Chidera Dok


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