Which Fruit Is Not Good For Cold And Flu?

Which fruit is not good for cold and flu? Just like some foods can help you feel better whenever you are feeling under the weather, some foods can make you feel worse and it is important to know these foods to avoid them when you feel sick.

Below are foods you should stay away from whenever you have a cold or flu according to The Healthy.

Which Fruit Is Not Good For Cold And Flu?

Crunchy Foods

Eating hard or crunchy foods like nuts, crackers, raw vegetables, etc when you have a cold could irritate the throat and worsen the cold or flu.

Simply go with soft foods that are easy to swallow and do a saltwater gargle to soothe the throat and speed up the healing process.

Fatty Foods

Resist the temptation of eating greasy or fatty foods whenever you are feeling under the weather as it could lead to an increase of inflammation, cause you to produce more mucus and just make you feel worse.

Stick with healthier foods that can help boost your immune system.


It is very important to stay hydrated when you are sick to speed up the recovery process and prevent the mucus from getting too dry. Take warm water to stay hydrated and avoid taking alcohol as it will only lead to dehydration, nasal congestion, and inflammation. It can also weaken the white blood cell.

Citrus Fruits

Grabbing citrus juice or fruit like orange, grapefruit, lemon, etc when you have a cold or feel nauseous could lead to nasal congestion, irritate the stomach and may lead to stomach upset. You can rather take an over-the-counter vitamin C supplement.

Simple Carbs

There are different types of carbohydrate and not all are harmful to the body. Simple carbs can help when you have a stomach upset but refined carbohydrates like bread, crackers, pasta, and rice are easily converted to sugar when consumed and it could lead to inflammation.

Opt for healthier carbohydrates like wheat bread, whole grain or foods high in fiber as they can help reduce inflammatory effects.

Sweets or Sugar

Avoid using too many sweet treats and sugary drinks to comfort yourself whenever you have a cold because a high intake of sugar could lead to inflammation and decrease the immunity system making your cold or flu worse.

Caffeinated drinks

It is always advisable to just go for clean water as the intake of caffeinated drinks like coffee, soda, and tea which sometimes contains sugar has the same effect on the body as an alcoholic drink.

It could lead to inflammation which makes it hard to fight off infections, make you more dehydrated and slow down the recovery process.

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