When The Mind Is Captured By Oduigwe Chidera Dok -

When The Mind Is Captured By Oduigwe Chidera Dok

When the mind is captured? Just few weeks ago, I was listening to Patrick Mulumba from Kenya. As he was addressing the east Africa nation of Tanzania, he made mention of the best and greatest strategy of subduing humans.

He described it as Mind Capturing.

When I heard that, I was astonished and even amazed. As nwa-teacher (son of a teacher), I decide to search around my environment just to have a deep understanding of what it actually means to have someone’s mind captured.

For the fact that charity they say begins at home, I start from my very family to observe this psychological incarceration.

I found with time that whenever the mind of my mother is been captured by my acquainted father, she is left with no option than to dance to the pure tone of my father.

Same also happens when my mother captures the heart of my father, the humble man is nakedly left with the peculiar statement “Ngwanu nwaghi’m”(ok my wife let’s do it). He has no option too.

From the family however, I took the observation of mind capturing among my peers and I realised that whenever my friends’ mind is captured, he or she can’t make decisions on his or her own properly.

He or she can’t live freely because the courage to say a word to the person that enslaved him or her has been lost. He or she is far more in existence than living.

However, this deadly strategy has long been embraced by crafty nations just to earth the economy and well-being of some potential giant nations.

It has been employed to conquer some resource-filled nations for the second time.

It has been employed to make some nations to be like lazy consumers. It has made the minds of intellectuals to be like 15th century chalkboard.

Take for instance, in Nigeria that are blessed with great achievers, diverse mineral resources, vast and cultivatable land, good weather, doctors, engineers, spiritual leaders among the rest of them but they can’t construct miniature gutter without consulting the Chiiis.

Her doctors can’t perform simple surgical operation without consulting other nations’ professionals. Her movies, despite been among the top five in the world, can’t be patronized by the citizens like the manner they show for the foreign ones.

The citizens prefer foreign attire than their local Ankara.

Nigerians prefer to store or buy with foreign currencies and left theirs valueless. Her citizens even prefer to marry someone from ABROAD than to marry their own fellow citizens.

The dominant politicians have no confidence awarding contracts to their local engineers. They have crude oil but they buy diesel, fuel, gas, oil and others from other nations.

This is a clear scenario where the mind of citizens have been captured and enslaved.

They don’t value, or think well about themselves or come together in order to make things happen rather they follow the path of THOSE and THINGS that captured their heart.

Now their black or chocolate skin colour doesn’t appear attractive any longer. Their tribal names have been long lost, Nigerians have now forbidden their origin and various cultures.

Well, I’m very quiet sure that some individuals might not really be aware of this well-tailored concept but all these are concepts or models whereby the minds are enslaved and programmed to act the right way the programmer wants.

A captured mind can’t make a right decisions, the mind is just myopic and can’t see far beyond the circle it has been conditioned to see.

A captured mind can never develop nor does it see the bright beam of light ahead.

A captured mind will always seek for baseless assistance because it has no option. A captured mind is like a dumping site, you can’t find any useful thing from it.

A captured mind is synonymous to classless being, a conquered person who is prone and likely to be conquered again.

Do you want your mind to be conquered and captured? Do you want to be like a professor without proof for it? Do you want to remain a slave?

Well, I don’t really know your answers to those compelling questions but as for me I’m free indeed and there are NO CHAINS holding me back for ransom.

I must value who I’m and where I came from. I can’t be enslaved by any adopted SOCIETAL ETIQUETTE and STANDARD.

I could remember one African proverb which says “The wisdom of a Tortoise is hidden in its shell.” Where is your wisdom Nwanne’m? Or has it been captured also?

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From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok

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