What Should You Ask Your Doctor If You’re Planning To Have A Baby?

Are you planning to have a baby? Actually, the decision to have a baby is a critical call for every couple. There are too many factors to consider and too many pros and cons to weigh in before taking the final decision.

Scheduling a preconception appointment with your doctor or general physician or an obstetrician is a good idea. It will help you plan your pregnancy better.

However, it is crucial to ask the right questions during this session so that your doctor can evaluate your health and lifestyle conditions appropriately and guide you in the right direction.

Here is what you should ask when planning to have a baby.

What Lifestyle Changes Do I Need To Make When I Plan To Conceive?


This very question seems to be the first question that potential pregnant mothers ask when planning to have a bay.

As a matter of fact, your food habits and level of physical activity influence your body weight. Your fertility may be affected if the numbers on your weighing scale are too high or too low (that is, your body mass index).

So, maintaining an ideal body weight is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. Also, certain lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking may have a negative impact on your fertility reducing your chance to conceive.

Discuss with your doctor about your habits while you plan to get pregnant. ALSO READ:5 Proven Reasons Why You Should Have Sex During Pregnancy

How Long Will It Take To Conceive?

pregnancy test
pregnancy test

Well, your doctor won’t be able to tell you exactly when you’ll be able to get pregnant. While some couples hit the right spot in their very first attempt, others take years to get there.

Your doctor may come up with some general suggestions and prescriptions based on your age, medical history and prior experiences of conception.

When Is The Right Time To Stop Using Birth Control Measures?

Contraceptives with hands joining togerther

This is a very critical question. This is because you may take time to conceive after going off your birth control measures. Hormonal birth control pills may change your ovulation cycle after you stop taking them.

This alteration may remain for several months. The same holds true for hormonal patches. Also, if you are using an intrauterine device, you need to discuss with your gynaecologist before removing it.

Will My Health Conditions Have An Impact On My Fertility?

pregnant woman

Yes, some health conditions affect your capacity to conceive. Starting from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis to thyroid disorders and STDs, all these ailments can be detrimental to your fertility.

In case of your partner, the quality and quantity of his sperm will influence your chance to conceive. Discussing all of it with your obstetrician will help you plan your pregnancy better.

What Impact Will My Medicines Have On My Fertility?

Male contraceptive that blocks sperm from leaving the penis
Male contraceptive that blocks sperm from leaving the penis

Certain over-the-counter medicines along with prescription drugs, especially those for hypertension and epilepsy, can reduce your chance of getting pregnant. In fact, some herbal remedies may also affect your fertility negatively.

Let your physician assess the risk factors and guide you accordingly, either by changing the medicines or altering the dosage.

Do I Need A Genetic Testing Or Counselling?

Doctor advising young lady
Doctor advising young lady

It is a good idea to get a genetic testing done to check if you or your partner is the carrier of a condition that is running in your families. If the tests yield positive results, then you must consult a doctor to help you assess the risk of a natural pregnancy.

This way, you may pass on the condition to your child. Your doctor will be able to suggest alternatives that ensure that your little one is safe.

Should I Have Sex With My Partner When I’m Pregnant?

A sexy lady
A sexy lady

When it comes to this, a lot of women got confused as many believed that having sex while pregnant is dangerous and risky.

Sex during pregnancy is not dangerous. It is generally believed that you must abstain from sex when you are pregnant as it can be harmful for both you and your baby. But experts suggest otherwise.

What else do you think women should ask a DOCTOR when they planning to have a baby?

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