What Should I Keep In My Gym Bag?

What should I keep in my gym bag? If the word, ‘fitness’ and ‘gym’ bring an approving nod to your head, that means you’re most likely a fitness freak or lover.

This simply means that you actively workout a few days a week. You’ll agree that packing for the gym can feel tedious; almost as if you’re packing for a trip to Lagos or Abuja.

Only, this trip you’re packing for will end up with sweaty clothes and maybe, smelly footwear.

While packing for the gym is necessary, understanding the necessary items to take along will be beneficial to you and your routine.

What must-have items should always make it into your gym bag?

What Should I Keep In My Gym Bag?


Our body contains about 70% of water, which helps transport nutrients and vitamins to give us energy, remove waste, and regulate our body temperature.

It’s important to drink enough fresh clean water every day because dehydration can make you more vulnerable to infections and illnesses especially during work out.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty – by that time, you’ll be probably already dehydrated. The good idea is to include a bottle of fresh water in your gym bag.


Working out is a physical activity which might induce hunger and what better way to quench that hunger but with a healthy snack?

Pack your preferred snack or shake in a well-secured part of your gym bag and viola, should get worked up after your routine, you’d have something to munch on.


Exercising is more than likely to cause you to sweat and you’ll not want to leave all that sweat drying up on your skin.

By packing a cotton-less (because cotton towels might leave flakes on your skin) towel, you’ll be guaranteed of wiping away your sweat.

Always remember to soak your gym towels in warm water and wash off as soon as you’re through working out.


Sweating will most likely call for the use of deodorant to avoid smelling armpits. You do not want to be caught unfresh after taking a post-workout shower at the gym and realizing you do not have deodorant.

Additionally, stack your gym bag with extra deodorant; just in case.


Touching public gym equipment is risky enough for your wellbeing with germs hanging around on them.

Using a good hand sanitizer is a sure way to prevent attracting these germs and bacteria.


Always pack a pair of flip flops or slippers because it is safest to shower at public gym bathrooms wearing a flip flops.

Again, doing this is a sure way to avoid contracting any infections which might be laying around in the bathroom stalls.


Wipes can substitute your towels for wiping out sweat from your skin.

Although cosmetic wipes are generally more expensive, you can substitute them for baby wipes, which are also of good quality.


You want to make use of a nice fragranced soap or bath gel to eradicate every unpleasant smell on your skin caused by sweating.

Bath gels might be a better option if you’re prone to dropping your caked soap on the gym bathroom floor.

In addition to including these items to your gym bag, always remember to wash off your gym clothes as soon as possible after use.

Also, sun-dry your gym shoes from time to time so they do not smell.

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