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What Makes Drinking Garri Healthy?

Garri, otherwise known as Cassava Flakes, is one of the main sources of carbohydrates and a popular staple food in Nigeria. It is a local delicacy eaten across Nigeria, usually mixed with sugar, milk, etc and eaten however you desire.

But this go-to-meal is one whose health benefits are unknown or not paid attention to by its consumers. So, if you’ve ever wondered what makes drinking Garri healthy? Here are a few things:

Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose some weight, go for garri. Although garri is a starchy food, it is low in calories and with high fibre contents that will help you stay full for a longer period. Hence, reducing the urge to always eat in large quantities.

Eases Digestion

Garri helps to absorb toxins that go into your intestines. This, in turn, can help improve your digestive health. You can soak garri in water with milk to have a combined effect. That is, the vitamins from milk mixed with that in garri, makes for a great combination.

Aids Diarrhea Cure

Garri works for diarrhea too. So if you are having a meal-gone-wrong situation, mix it with water and drink twice a day and expect a perfect result.

Good Eyesight

The vitamin A and bakarotennya contents in garri can help to improve the health of your eyes and can also prevent future blindness.

Energy Booster

Garri soaked in water helps to provide a certain amount of energy which aids a healthy life. When soaked in cold water, it also reduces the body temperature, especially during the hot weather.

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