What Is Lump Sugar Candy Sweet Used For? -

What Is Lump Sugar Candy Sweet Used For?

What is lump sugar candy sweet used for? Last weekend I was told to hang around the hospital where I work due to emergency cases. Although, I wasn’t happy over such development to stay within hospital during weekend, but it’s all about lives.

And that was the sole reason why I have to spend my weekend at the hospital. But during my stay at the hospital, something interest happened. One of the nurses said to me, Oduigwe Chidera Dok, “I got it!!!!

Initially, I thought what she got was Paracetamol I requested due to slight headache I developed over the weekend, but it was a different thing entirely.

When I realized that she was talking about something different was when she further said;

i got what i have been looking for, something to keep myself JUICY with my boyfriend this weekend’s night….. Chideee, have you heard about lump sugar candy sweet? That’s just it…..it will make ur gal friend’s vag juicy and sweet….JUST TRY IT!!!”

In addition, another lady posted online and said; “Hey ladies, something nice is about to drop. Do take advantage of this while stock last.

“It’s Strictly for Ladies, these CANDY CUBES are Small cubes of candies, it is Lickable, it is used to avoid Vaginal dryness, Burns or Pains and All it does is to help Secrete Vaginal Fluid/Juice thereby Making you Wet and Juicy….

It increases sexual urge and the sweetness of ur veejay…”

What Is Lump Sugar Candy Sweet Used For?

However, after that conversation piqued my interest, I then decided to research and share it on this blog. Actually, lump sugar candy sweet demand is on the rise especially among Nigerian girls.

I know you may not have heard about it and that is the reason why I decided to write about it in order to create awareness. These white candies are small cubes of candies that are lickable.

It is used to avoid vaginal dryness, burns or pains and all it does is to help secrete vaginal fluid or juice thereby making you wet and juicy.

Sugar lumps makes your pussy sweet, gives you urge for sex and makes your man feel the sweetness of your pussy. It’s a must have for every woman.

Other benefits include; Lump sugar candy sweet is used…

  • For wetness, sweetener and Libido booster.
  • Makes you dripping.
  • Enhance your sexual life.
  • Sugar lumps makes your vjay sweet, gives you urge for MORE sex and makes your man feel the sweetness of your Pussy
  • Take care of your sex life.

What Is Lump Sugar Candy Sweet Used For?

How To Use Lump Sugar Candy Sweet For Effective Result

  • Drop four to six (4 to 6) candies in a warm cup of water, drink it once it has dissolved, 3 or 2hrs before s3x.
  • You can also lick the candies like that without putting it in water.
  • You can also lick 2 candies daily without having sex
  • In fact, you can use it anytime you want.

Get one and say NO to boring sex.

How Much Is Lump Sugar Candy Sweet?

Depending on the city or state in Nigeria, the price of lump sugar candy sweet ranged between five hundred to three thousand Naira (#500 to #3,000).

What Are The Side Effects Of Sugar Lumps?

When exposed to moisture, lump sugar is susceptible to mold and yeast growth.

It may also suffer depreciation as the result of infestation by rats, mice, ants, and flies which may be harmful when consumed.

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