What Causes Depression In Nigeria? Check Out The Way Forward -

What Causes Depression In Nigeria? Check Out The Way Forward

What causes depression in Nigeria? Each and every day in Nigeria, we hear of one or couple of public figure sharing how they passed through depression. Depression has been on the rise across the country.

Although one may feel depressed at one point in his or her life, but when it becomes chronic (occurring with time), then it becomes an issue that requires urgent assistance.

In Nigeria, there are lots of factors that may lead to one being depressed. Ranging from poverty, loss of job, inability to see failure as part of success, bad policy, diseases, genetic inheritance to BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS.

As a Nigerian however, you will agree with me that broken relationship is the major contributing factor among those that are depressed in the country. If you doubt it, then pay attention to your social media handles and forums.

In fact, I was victim of such broken relationship that wanted to result to depression last weekend. That experience prompt me to share this very helpful tips concerning depression in Nigeria.

With that said, I’m here to share with you this simple tips I thought will go a long way helping you to avoid depression in Nigeria.

  1. You Have To See Failure As Part Of Success

A lot of people here in Nigeria don’t see failure as part of success, hence when a relationship or business fails, they too fails as well.

Actually, it’s the relationship or business that fails and not you. When you see failure as part of success, by then you start to keep any form of depression at bay and move on.

This was one of the very important advice my biological father gave me that made me to stand firm.

  1. Treat People The Way The Treat You

As for me, if someone acts gaga to you, don’t waste a second to return same to him or her. If he’s nice to you, then be nice to him. It’s just simple.

They worse mistake we Nigerians make is to return gratitude to an attitude that has no value to add in our lives.

Remember, you’re not meant to always be on the receiving end. Sometimes, you need to treat people the way they treat you so that they too will feel the impact.

Therefore, if you’re in a relationship and he or she wants to mess-up with your dear life, then I personally urge you to mess-up with his or her life before he does that to you.

Honestly, there is no crime….

  1. Share With Close Friend(S)

You will equally agree with me that, when you share your life experience to your close friend(s), there is a kind of instant relieve that comes to you.

Yes, a problem shared is a problem half-solved. Talk to that close friend about it and see what he or she has to say concerning that situation.

I know that most times, we feeling like we can do it alone but bear in mind that there is a reason why we humans need one another most times.

You can equally call the person, if he or she happens not to be around.

  1. Engage Yourself With One Thing Or The Other

Learning a new thing or skill has a lot of positive impact to humans. It can improve your mental development and also keep you engaged so that you won’t have the very opportunity to ponder over some life issues.

You can learn tailoring, cooking new cuisine or dish, visit the gym centre in order to tone your body shape, painting, planting trees, writing, or learn online too.

Just try as much as you can to get yourself engaged.

  1. Visit a specialist to know your status…….

What causes depression in Nigeria? Share your thought as well and share with friends…


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