What Are The Side Effects Of Eating Mushroom? -

What Are The Side Effects Of Eating Mushroom?

What are the side effects of eating mushroom? Mushrooms are generally safe as long as you know the type of fungi you eat.

It’s also important to know that one can make healthy mushroom snacks, soups and recipes especially here in Nigeria. But before we dig deep into this very blog post, one needs to know what mushrooms are.

What Are Mushrooms?

Mushrooms, belonging to the family ‘Agaricus’, are not considered as plants rather, they are classified as vegetables in the food kingdom.

Mushrooms belong to the fungi kingdom and contain a host of essential nutrients. Mushrooms are actually saprophytes, organisms that depend on dead and decaying animal and plant matter for their nutrition.

The body of the mushroom is generally spread over a large area and is hardly noticed. The part of the mushroom that we see is actually only the ‘fruit’ of the vegetable.

There are thousands of varieties of mushroom-forming fungi across the world but scientists have been able to identify only about 10 percent of them.

With that said however, one can’t talk about the side effects of eating mushroom without knowing some of its health benefits.

It has been confirmed that mushroom possess lots of health benefits to humans. Ranging from fighting against cancer, been good for cholesterol level, good for heart patients, help to treat anaemia or loss of blood, good for bones and osteoporosis problem, help to prevent inflammation, increases absorption of iron, aid in weight loss and also improve immune system etc.

On the other hand therefore, excessive consumption can cause fatigue and weakness, stomach problems, cognitive and mental problems, allergies, skin allergies, headaches, and anxiety.

It’s not recommended to consume raw mushrooms, especially during PREGNANCY and BREASTFEEDING, and to consume an excessive amount of mushrooms.

It is not easy for a layman to differentiate wild mushrooms from healthy mushrooms. Consumption of wild mushrooms may result in severe illnesses in humans and can even cause death as well.

As beta-glucans present in mushroom stimulate immune function, people with autoimmune diseases like arthritis, lupus, asthma and multiple sclerosis should avoid consuming it.

Also mushroom being a fungi, fungal poisoning may result.

Fungal poisoning is a dangerous poisoning that develops as a result of eating fresh, dried, or canned, raw or cooked mushrooms that grow in natural areas and contain toxic substances in their structure and may result in death.

It can cause fatigue in some people, stomach upset, problems such as high fever, vomiting such as abdominal pain and twinge.

Stomach cramping can harm the nervous system and can lead to hallucinatory problems.

It can cause skin allergies, tingling, numbness, dizziness, and mental illness. If possible, contact your doctor immediately.

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