What Are Drugs That Can Wash Away Sperm After Sex? -

What Are Drugs That Can Wash Away Sperm After Sex?

What are drugs that can wash away sperm after sex? Every second thousands of people search for “how to naturally flush out sperm”?.

“can orange flush out sperm after sex”? “what can i drink to wash out sperm”? “can salt and water flush out sperm”? “if i flush sperm out of my body how will i feel”? “how to flush out sperm from the body naturally”?

However, are you not ready for a baby yet and want that SPERM OUT of your body after sex? I know the ANSWER, so don’t bother answering it.

Meanwhile, one incident of unprotected sex this festive season is enough to knock the daylights out of a person especially for those who haven’t planned on extending their family or get pregnant.

Living in fear till the woman gets her period is worrisome and traumatic time especially for young ladies.

And this is exactly why you might have commonly heard people saying to have safe sex.

Safe sex is not just to prevent unwanted pregnancy but it is also to keep you away from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases.

Safe sex means using condoms (CD) or consuming emergency birth control pills.

However, there are also cases where the condom tears or the timing of consuming contraception pills is not appropriate. Then what should you do?

Well, all these could lead to unwanted pregnancy.  And if not pregnancy you may contract STD known as sexually transmitted disease.

So for those who have had bad past experiences and do not want to commit the same mistake, here are some ways to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse.

This is what you should do if you had sex without protection. And the next time, do not wait till you get pregnant OK?

What Are Drugs That Can Wash Away Sperm After Sex?

Use Contraceptive Pills and Devices:

Contraception is one of the SAFEST OPTIONS for sex without pregnancy. Contraception helps to avoid any future mistakes.

Contraception comes in many forms. You need to choose one based on your needs and requirements.

If you want to delay your pregnancy, then the methods are different from not wanting to have a baby at all.

Of all the contraceptive methods, CONDOMS are the most popular.  They are readily available at all “Chemist shops” all over the country and are very convenient to use.

It comes in the form of rubber or latex and is rolled over after the penis is erect. This works best to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Condoms also keep you safe from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases. Couples who wish to lead a healthy sex life and don’t want kids any time soon can definitely opt for this particular option.

There are several flavoured condoms too in the market, from Golden circle, Rough rider, Foula etc. Pick the one that is suitable for you.

Condoms too give you 98% guaranteed protection from unwanted pregnancy.

However if you do not wear a condom correctly, chances are it might come off or just tear off in the middle of the act.

Don’t forget the morning after pill:

Emergency birth control pills also known as the morning after pills should be consumed after you have unprotected sex.

Often people confuse this with pills that carry out abortion. Let us tell you that emergency birth control pills won’t abort your baby, it only helps in preventing pregnancy.

If you are already pregnant, these pills won’t help.  Emergency birth control pills also won’t lead to any birth defects to your baby in the future.

The most important part of emergency pills is that, the effectiveness of this pill will work only if you take it immediately after having sex.

And the ideal time is to take it before 72 hours (3-days). But it is always suggested that you don’t delay.

If you consume the pills within 24 hours, your chances of getting pregnant will decrease.  You can buy these pills from any medical shop.

The pill helps in preventing the fertilized eggs from establishing in the uterine wall if it is formed. READ ALSO: HOW LADIES FLUSH OUT SPERM NATURALLY FROM THEIR BODY AFTER SEX


I’m very much aware that this method is not familiar. But it’s one of the most effective ways of preventing unwanted pregnancy after intercourse for women.

This helps in birth control and has hardly any side effects.  The Copper-T is not an oral contraceptive pill or a tablet.

Rather it’s a device that is placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Usually this device is used by women who do not want a second child.  The inserting of a Copper-T is done b y a professional and should not be done at home.

There are two different types of Copper-T. Both of them work in a different way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

One of them prevents the fertilized egg to each the uterus and the other one helps in releasing hormones that block the eggs from reaching the wall of the uterus.

Just ensure that once you have Copper-T inserted, you do not take any other medications for the same purpose. This device is removed whenever you plan to have a baby.

Oral contraceptive pills:

Oral contraceptive pills are also very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy.  These days most women swear by these What Should You Ask Your Doctor If You’re Planning To Have A Baby?

They are very convenient to use and also helps in preventing unwanted pregnancy quite successfully.  The pills have hormones that make sure the birthing process is delayed naturally.

If you consume the pills regularly, the ovum that is usually released from the ovary is prevented. And that prevents pregnancy.

Some of these pills create thick mucus that stops the sperm from entering the uterus. Before you decide what pill to take, consult your DOCTOR, Biko (please).

Your doctor based on your medical history and your future plans will be able to suggest you an ideal oral contraceptive pill.

The doctors will also help you get a better understanding about the different pills and the side effects if any.

These are some of the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy after intercourse. Some of these are taken after sex while the remaining are safety measures taken before the act.

If you haven’t taken your measures yet, do it right now and enjoy a healthy and safe sex life from now on.

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