Wellness: What Are Those Extraordinary Things You Can Do With Your Vaseline? -

Wellness: What Are Those Extraordinary Things You Can Do With Your Vaseline?

Are you aware that Vaseline has been in existence for over 150 years ago? And it’s the most common and wanted household goods till date. Also, do you ever know this ‘magical translucent jelly’ has many more other uses? Not only moisturizing your teeth and body it has other many benefits. If you want to know the miracle tricks of vaseline keep on reading this very interesting and helpful article.

Soothing An Itchy Scalp: Some people suffers from prickly and dry scalp because of their skin condition or not washing properly. First massage your scalp with petroleum jelly and it can help you to reduce your symptoms such as itching and dandruff.

Keeping Lip Colour Off Your Teeth: You will feel an embarrassing moment that your red lipstick had stuck on your teeth during a meeting. Here is a beauty pageant tried and tested hack for you. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your teeth before apply your lipstick. Then your lipstick wont sticks to your teeth!

Using As A Fire Starter: Even though it’s not flammable, Vaseline can help you start a fire when you’re out camping. Dip a cotton ball in the jelly, and you end up with a handy and safe fire starter. The burning cotton fibers make the petroleum boil and emit a gas that burns with a continuous and controlled flame.

Taming Pesky Eyebrows: Don’t you have time to professionally wax your eyebrows? No worries! You can immediately neatly trim it at your home with the help of vaseline. You can achieve a tidy look by simply slick a little bit of the vaseline on your eyebrows.

Getting Softer And Longer Eyelashes: Most people won’t satisfy with their eyelashes length. Vaseline is a affordable choice for your expensive fake eyelashes and enhancing serums. You can use a old cleaned mascara wand to apply it on your lashes every night, You can see the growing of your lashes over time.

Making A Homemade Body Scrub: If you want to save some money here is another clever use of vaseline. Mix Petroleum jelly with sugar or sea salt 2:1 proportion and get your home made body scrub. This will help to exfoliate your dry skin.

Preventing Shampoo From Running Into Eyes: Do you get stinging feeling when shampoo gets into your sensitive eyes? If you have vaseline on your hands you don’t need to worry about this. Apply a streak of jelly over your eyebrows, and you will find that shampoo and soapy water going out of a way.

Enhancing The Long-Lasting Effect Of Your Fragrance: When you sweat more you will face a problem of fading expensive perfumes or colognes quickly. Here is a hack for you. Apply a small amount of vaseline on your more sweating areas such as neck and wrist before you spray you favourite fragrance, and you will still smell so good even after a busy day out.

Warding Off Chafing During Playing Sports: Chafing is a big problem for the men who are doing more running, playing soccer or other physical activities. Apply a small amount of vaseline to the suffering areas and your body will thank you.

Hiding Scuffs On Wooden Furniture: Cover the scuffs with a thick layer of petroleum jelly and let it sit for 24 hours. Then wipe it away the excess. This will save your wooden furniture from minor scratches, stains or watermarks. Now your furniture looks new again.

Inserting Earrings Effortlessly: If you feel pain while you are sticking your earrings, rub your earlobes with a bit of vaseline before you insert the studs. You will find that inserting is easier and comfortable than before.

Preventing Car Batteries From Eroding: This is an excellent hack for your expensive car batteries. Corrosion can buildup on you battery terminals and its really expensive to change the batteries. Just remove the battery cables first, and then apply a tablespoon of the jelly to both the positive and the negative terminals or posts.

Treating Cracked Cuticles: Your cuticles will become dry, cracked and loose the moisture same as your skin. So you need vaseline to repair and protect them. Massage it gently into your nail before sleeping. Do this regularly and no need the troubled by annoying pieces of skin hanging off.

Preventing Diaper Rash: This hack will protect your baby’s sensitive skin from diaper rash. Apply a thin layer of vaseline to the rash-prone areas after a bath and put the fresh diaper. This will create a protecting layer between rash and moisture, meaning rash will heal more fastly.

Treat Athlete’s Foot: Petroleum jelly can cure athlete’s foot same as diaper rash. Coat it with your affected area and wear your socks which then suffocate the fungus. Now you know the magical jelly’s importance for every house.

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