Wellness: Oral Health Tips For The Festive Season -

Wellness: Oral Health Tips For The Festive Season

The festive month is on and we’re all looking forward to long period of celebrations. While we are all geared up for the month long celebrations with everything from food to clothes to decorations to giftings, its time we spare a thought for our dental health. According to expert “With the intake of sweets and food being at its peak this season and the continuous snacking affecting our teeth, it’s better to practice good oral hygiene beforehand.” Here are some quick tips to consider in this yuletide season:

  • Rinse your mouth immediately after snacking and meals. It will not allow the food particles to stick to the teeth.
  • Floss after your meals. When you floss you are removing food debris stuck around your teeth and gums which helps keep them healthy and removes the harmful bacteria.
  • Keep up with the kids: Festive season means rich food, sweets and chocolates and for kids, this can mean that their oral hygiene can be at risk. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t enjoy these treats on occasion, but be extra vigilant that they are brushing their teeth regularly and not letting holiday fun get in the way of a good oral health regime.
  • Bleeding gums: One must do warm salt water rinses as it helps subside the inflammation in the gums. One can also apply a gum ointment to soothe the bleeding gums. Use of an antibacterial mouthwash is recommended.
  • Sugar consumed: It’s not so much about how much sugar consume but it’s more about how long it stays in your mouth. Our mouth has acid loving bacteria that contribute to cavities. The acid in sodas, orange juice and other citrus fruits eat away the enamel (outer protective layer of our teeth) causing tooth sensitivity.

What’s worse is when people sip their sodas slowly through the day because every time you sip the bacteria in your mouth works with the acid and attacks the enamel. It only takes 20 minutes for your mouth to neutralize that acid again. If you are likely to consume more of sweets and sugary drinks then do it at mealtimes.

  • Eating hard sweets can often lead to chipped teeth, not something you want over the festive season. Cold compresses will help keep swelling down. Avoid sweets and spices that may irritate the affected tooth.
  • Water intake: Drinking water regularly will also help to wash away sugar, harmful acids and food particles.

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