Wellness: How Can I Handle Anxiety? -

Wellness: How Can I Handle Anxiety?

As we settle into adulthood, it is unavoidable that every now and then, life gets at us with some of its problems. These problems can lead to anxieties and affect our mental health in the long run. Here are some ways you can handle or cope with anxiety.

ANXIETY IS NOT ALWAYS A DISEASE: The first step towards coping or handling anxiety is to understand that it is not always a disease. Anxiety is a normal phenomenon among adolescent, teenagers and young adults although it may be severe in some cases.

TALK TO SOMEONE: The need to speak out and find help either from a loved one or professional cannot be overemphasised the need. Speaking about your condition (anxiety) is a good way of relieving yourself and unburdening your thoughts and feeling better.

TAKE A BREAK: Everyone deserves a break and it is okay to step back from that tight schedule and take a breather. Engage in things that relaxed you and makes you feel good about yourself.

CRY OUT LOUD: You might have heard this before but it is perfectly okay to cry as breaking down is as human as it gets. Crying is an emotional outburst which essentially relieves the stress due to anxiety and lets you control the emotionally disturbed state of mind.

GOOD SLEEP: Sleep is necessary for both mental and physical rest. Sleeping helps you to overcome fatigue from stress and refreshes your body and mind.

BE CONFIDENT: Losing confidence under the stress due to anxiety can be even more disastrous. The effects will never be better. So be confident about whatever you do, whether right or wrong. Every person learns from his own activities. Whether right or wrong, everything will give you a lesson. So you will never be a loser, you will win a lesson.

YOU ARE NOT WEAK: Remind yourself that anxiety is not a sign of weakness and you can make it your strength.  You can fight back at anxiety by keeping your energy and enthusiasm high.

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