This may mean trying again, again and even again after failing to achieve your heart desire. It may mean corralling your limitations and fears in order to create ways for development. It may also signify the proliferation of indomitable spirit that is deep-rooted in YOU. Take for instance, football team they always train in order to emerge victorious. Athletes and others who deserve to win and be crowned champion must, in the same manner, train to triumph.

The training here might be physical one, financial, mental or even spiritual but they must do it for them to be at that echelon or desired position. Maybe your desire is to be a scholar, pro blogger, medical practitioner, politician, an engineer, lawyer, renowned preacher, successful business tycoon, or you desire to make a difference in your family, relationship, circle and daily routines. Then you must train to overcome challenges, circumstances, setbacks, negative thoughts, Zanzummins, break chains, faulty foundations, barriers and blockages.

You have to face and triumph over all these because nothing precious and paramount comes easy. Nwanne’m, please train, train and train again. Remember that for you to train and triumph doesn’t necessarily mean spending huge amount of money, time and effort rather from that family chores, studying period, relationship, menial job, responsibilities, working place, daily experiences, all contribute to the actual training you need in order for you to achieve your desired goals. Don’t neglect any opportunity or responsibility bestowed on you despite the form, income, status and size. Instead be willing and avid to learn and “Make a dent on that work or responsibility.” If it happens to be my mother, Maria Oduigwe, she will rightly say “Nwa’m gba ma mbo” (My child keep on trying). So therefore, train to testify, train to overcome, train to win and also train to triumph.

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok

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