Ways Of Incorporating Physical Activity In Your Busy Routine -

Ways Of Incorporating Physical Activity In Your Busy Routine

Obesity and diabetes are reaching epidemic levels all around the world. The main reason for this is the lifestyle and diet that people follow these days. The focus is more on junk and fast food, rather than a healthy, balanced diet. Physical activity is at the minimum levels, which just adds to the risk of obesity, diabetes and many other serious diseases and disorders.

However, people are becoming more health-conscious, and taking out time to exercise and eat healthily. You may, however, always find such people complaining about the lack of time, and their inability to manage and take out time for exercise in their busy schedule. While dedicated time is required for exercise routines like Yoga, gym, weight training, running on the treadmill, etc; incorporating physical activity in your schedule can help you stay healthy, without worrying a lot about taking out time for your exercise routine. However, here are some effective and simple ways you can do that.

WALK TO THE MARKET: Most of us live in close proximity to the market that can cater to our daily needs. To make our lives convenient, most stores, especially in urban cities, deliver items to the door. There are various smartphone apps also available to place orders and get them delivered. However, walking to the market instead of using delivery services can be a great way to stay healthy, and incorporate physical activity in your routine. It does not take very long and is also not very tiring.

TAKE THE STAIRS: Whether it is at work or at home, take the stairs whenever you have to go up or down a few floors. If you live in a high-rise building, get off from the elevator a few floors before, and climb a few flights of stairs to stay fit, without stressing about taking out time for exercise.

STRETCH AT YOUR DESK: It can be very difficult to find the time to go for a walk or to take a break while working. If you can’t find the time, get up and do a few stretching exercises at your desk. You can also do deep breathing to feel more relaxed while working. Not only will this help in keeping your body healthy, but it will also improve your efficiency at work.

FACIAL YOGA: As technology progresses, the use of screens are at an all-time high. We are either looking at our computer/laptop screens, smartphones, or TV, throughout the day. This can lead to weak eyesight and eye disorders. You must exercise your eyes every half an hour to one hour. Closing your eyes and moving your eyeballs around, looking at distant objects, taking a break to just close your eyes for a minute can help to keep your eyes healthy for longer. At the same time, you can also do facial yoga exercises to reduce double chin and fat from the face.

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