Ways Ladies Flush Out Sperm After Sex

Ways ladies flush out sperm after sex. Abortion in a conservative nation like Nigeria is been considered illegal and carries a heavy jail sentence, up to 14 years imprisonment, unless it’s been done to save the life of the pregnant woman.

Nevertheless, a large number of secret or illegal abortions continue to be carried out regularly across a very culture and religion all over the country, often with dire consequences for the lives and health of the young lady involved.

And this very trend, without doubt, keeps increasing daily across Nigeria.

However, for the fact that abortion is considered illegal in country, Nigerians have devised different crazy and dangerous ways to abort a pregnancy.

The sad fact however is that most of these methods can lead to serious complications, death, infection and when it fails, birth defects for the baby may result.

Ways Ladies Flush Out Sperm After Sex

A lady with stomach pain
A lady with stomach pain

Through Quack Or “Fake Doctors”: Given that abortions are illegal in Nigeria like earlier mentioned, a majority of the practitioners that perform these procedures are quacks who call themselves doctors.

It is for this reason that many young ladies have lost their lives. Illegal abortions through quack doctors contribute to the high maternal mortality rate (deaths due to complications from pregnancy or childbirth) in Nigeria.

By Using Dry Gin Or Alcohol: Dry gin on its own is not illegal in Nigeria except in some Northern part of the country that are majorly Muslims where it may be restricted to some certain areas.

Though Dry gin is just an alcoholic drink but some women or ladies use it to induce abortions.

Some mix it with potash or Alabukun and others use it to take abortion drugs.

Alabukun powder is used for pain, fever, heart attack, fatigue, migraine, prevention of blood clots, apnea of prematurity, back pain, rheumatic pain, toothache and other conditions.

This combination can be so deadly because it might react wrongly in the body and cause damage to the womb or even death.

Lime: Though some scientific researches show that lime or lemon juice can prevent conception in rats, but that of humans have not been properly documented.

But this didn’t stop some Nigerian ladies not mix lime or lemon juice together with Alabukun and drink it to cause abortion or prevent a pregnancy.

Some ladies even go ahead to buy 7-up and Alabukun and mix it with lime juice. This is a very crude method that can lead to death.

Abortion Pills: Abortion pills are often sold in drug shops or “chemists” and pharmacists around the country.

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Too often many ladies take an overdose of over-the-counter medicine (OTC) such as Ampicox which can be dangerous to their health.

Herbal Potions: You may have heard about all those herbal mixtures made for boosting men’s performance or libido in bed?

Actually here in Nigeria, some ladies or women use it to terminate a pregnancy, especially in rural areas. This is not advisable for any lady to practice.

Eating “Pepper Soup” Or Peppery Foods: Some Nigerian ladies believe that eating food that contains a lot of pepper can help terminate a pregnancy.

Women go as far as eating peppery foods and tying tight clothes around their waist in the hope that the baby in their womb will become uncomfortable and die.

This is an extreme method that is dangerous and it’s not advisable for any lady to practice.

Coat Hanger: Some women use coat hangers to terminate a pregnancy. Yes as scary as this sounds, it happens.

This method is so dangerous and it can puncture a woman’s uterus and then she bleeds out and may eventually dies.

Finally, the best way to prevent an abortion is to use contraceptives. Common and easily accessible contraceptives include condoms, postinor-1 and 2, IUCD, contraceptive injections etc.

Equally importance is to visit a DOCTOR IF the abortion is meant to save life.

Ways ladies flush out sperm after sex? Drop your experience…..

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