{Video}:Sex For Marks Scandal In Nigeria And Its Contributing Factors

Sex for marks scandal in Nigeria and its contributing factors. In Nigerian academic institutions, there has been rising exposure of some academic staff that have been alleged to be exchanging academic marks or grades for sex from their students.

This ugly incidence is not really restricted to tertiary institutions alone rather, such cases have been reported to occur in the secondary schools as well.

So, it has been an occurrence all across the board from time immemorial but little or nothing has been done to forestall further occurrence.

A recent sex-for-marks scandal involving a senior academic and an undergraduate student has highlighted not only the prevalence of the problem, but the difficulty in addressing it in Nigerian universities and secondary schools.

Recently, the management of the Imo State University (IMSU), Owerri has suspended two lecturers of the institution caught on video raping female students of the school.

The school authorities also raised a panel to investigate the issue with the mandate to complete the investigation within two weeks.

According to the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the institution, Nze Ralph Njoku-Obi, who confirmed this to news men, and said the identities of the lecturers and the panel will not be made known, adding that they can only be disclosed to the press after their investigation.

However, a lot have been heard across the country concerning sex for marks in the university, but few things have been mentioned as the contributing factors to such an ugly development.

Therefore, one needs to know what actually prompt such an unacceptable act among the lectures and their students before sorting out ways to tackle it.

By knowing the contributing factors, one can be able to tackle the scourge of sex for marks in Nigerian universities.

Sex For Marks Scandal In Nigeria And Its Contributing Factors

  1. Lack of morals and self-discipline. For me, lack of family morals and self-discipline has a role to play when it comes to how one or an individual behaves. An individual who has been trained, inculcated and nursed with moral values, will definitely find it less likely to act gaga or crazy anywhere in the society he or she finds self.
  2. There are an implied assumption and negative stereotypes including gender, traditions and beliefs, among others, about sexual exchange whereby a female accepts willingly to offer sex in exchange for what she needs which she presumably cannot provide for herself.

Specifically, in the context of this write-up, exchanging sex for academic marks. In most instances, such a situation is rare except for those who have been exposed to such a lifestyle from home.

  1. Differences in financial capacity or power between male university lecturers and female students. This is true especially for those “runs girls” who came from poor homes with financial issues or challenges to cater for.
  2. Female students often engage in sex for marks or transactional sex when they lack family support mainly financial, guidance and are motherless and or fatherless.

A family structure like polygamous family can also increase vulnerability to sexual harassment as well.

  1. Consumption of alcohol among lectures and students, and drug use can equally contribute to sex for marks. When a lecture is “high” or binge on alcohol, he may temporarily loss his memory at that very moment.

And such moment might be when a female student is around him.

  1. Failure in parenting roles especially in large families like a polygamous family can contribute to sex for marks.
  2. Little or no support from individual, corporate bodies, governments for poor students in the universities.
  3. Lack of decent dressing among female students. When I was in the university between 2011 – 2016, it seems to me that some girls don’t actually know how to dress or they do it intentionally.

You will likely see some ladies putting on “bum shorts” to lecture hall and some will even push up their breast, maybe for fashion or so. But in real sense, such seductive dressing can cause the “middle man to shake head.”

  1. Also, female students often engage in sex for marks when they lack focus or ability to study. When a student fails to read her notes and make researches, then what follows is poor results.

And in order to avoid poor results and rewriting courses, they resort to follow the other way which is to offer lectures sex for marks.

  • Corruption! Corruption!! Corruption!!! It’s very simple, corruption destroys a nation. In most cases, you will notice that some lecturers are not even qualified to be a lecturer in the first place.

But due to the fact that his brother, uncle, relative is in power or position, definitely he MUST be there. Many Nigerian lectures today lack the capacity and character to be a lecture in our various universities.

In the other hand, some students seeking for admission in one field of study or another don’t even merit to be given admission in that particular department.

But due to his or her father, mother, uncle, cousin, friends and relatives are there, then definitely he or she MUST be given admission in that field or department.

This very act is always evidence in the long run, because many of them will be misbehaving and struggling to cope in that particular area.

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