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How to use aidan fruit to cure fibroid? The Aidan fruit is a tropical fruit that can only be found in West Africa. Igbo people call it either Oshoso, Osakirisa, Uhio, or Uhiokrihio, Yoruba people calls it Aridan, and Dawo in Hausa.

Aidan fruit is also called Seghe-seghe in Bini, Uyayak in Ibibio. In Cameroun, it’s called ‘4 corners’ while in Ghana it’s been called Prekese.

The fruit plant, formally known as Tetrapleura tetraptera, is one of nature’s most astounding wonders.

This plant can be used as an exotic spice, a medicine, a food or dietary supplement all in one.

Aidan fruit is renowned for its sweet aroma, which is used to flavor rich meals. The development of its medical characteristics, however, has been its most beneficial contribution to humanity.

Aidan Fruit For Fibroid? Aidan Fruit Health Benefits

Before we look into how Aidan fruit can be used to shrink fibroid, let’s consider other benefits it offers.

It Helps Prevent Hypertension Or High Blood Pressure

To prevent and regulate high blood pressure, extract from the Aidan plant’s fruits, leaves, roots, and bark is utilized.

In a salt model of hypertension patients, it is also highly efficient in improving the oxidative state.

Used To Treat Diabetes

According to the expert, Aidan plant fruit extract is used to treat diabetes and its consequences, such as oxidative stress and hyperlipidemia.

Hyperlipidemia means your blood has too many lipids or fats, such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

Include the leaves, roots, and bark as well for the greatest effects.

Used To Treat Asthma

Asthma is a pulmonary and airway inflammatory disease. The Eha-Amufu people of Enugu State use Aidan fruits to treat several types of asthma.

Used To Treat Arthritis And Rheumatism

Because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Aidan spice is used to treat arthritis and rheumatism.

It Alleviates Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system and causes abnormal brain activity, which most often results in seizures and loss of consciousness.

Aidan fruit, a miraculous plant, is used to alleviate epilepsy. According to Phytotherapy Research, a study published in the journal.

Can Aidan Fruit Cure Fibroid?

Aidan fruit for fibroid
Aidan fruit

Aidan fruits are effective at preventing, treating, and reducing fibroids in women. Fibroids are considerably less likely to occur in women when Aidan fruit is used to flavor meals.

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Aidan Fruit For Fibroid? The Use Of Aidan Fruits To Shrink Fibroid

Fibroids to say are abnormal growths or tumors that can develop in a woman’s uterus during childbearing years.

These lumps are non-cancerous, but when they become large, they start to cause heavy menstrual bleeding, enlarged abdomen, abdominal pains, pelvic pains, painful sex, prolonged or delayed periods, frequent urination, infertility, etc.

However, a lot of communities in Africa, especially in Southern Nigeria use Aidan fruits to treat different ailments including fibroid.

Federal college of education Eha-Amufu
Federal college of education Eha-Amufu

In the ancient town of Eha-Amufu in Enugu State of South East Nigeria like earlier mentioned, the plant, its fruits, leaves, roots and bark are widely used for the treatment of fibroid, diabetes, convulsion, leprosy, hypertension, etc.

It is the most effective plant medicine for post-partum (after delivery) recovery of women in that society.

Women and girls from this place are encouraged by older ones to use grounded Aidan fruits in their cooking (it is an exotic spice) so as to prevent most women’s sicknesses such as painful menstruation, fibroid, and other related health issues.

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Research findings by health experts have also shown that one of the most effective tropical health plants that have proved to be very active in the treatment and management of abnormal growths and tumors in the body is Aidan fruits.

Many published academic research works have attested to the potency of this wonderful African plant in the treatment and management of tumors and other inflammatory diseases such as fibroid.

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The natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Aidan fruits discourage and prevent the growth and development of tumors and uterine fibroids.

In a study by a group of seven (7) health researchers published on the International Journal of Pharmacology, the researchers investigated the Cytotoxic and Anti-proliferative Activities of Tetrapleura tetraptera Fruit Extract on Tumor Cells of Mice.

The study showed that the Tetrapleura tetraptera extract was cytotoxic (toxic) to carcinoma (cancer) cells.

It concluded that Tetrapleura tetraptera increases the lifespan of the mice by reducing the number of viable carcinoma cells.

Finally, another research work worthy of mention to support the position that Aidan Fruits can be used to shrink abnormal tumors such as cancer and fibroids is a study published in the Journal of Enthnopharmacology.

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The study researched the Cytotoxic Phytochemicals from the crude extract of Tetrapleura tetraptera fruits (Aidan fruits) towards multi-factorial drug resistance cancer cells.

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The research work concluded that Tetrapleura tetraptera “exerted cytotoxicity against nine (9) cancer cell lines including drug-sensitive and drug-resistant phenotypes.”

It added that Tetrapleura tetraptera or Aidan fruits is a good cytotoxic natural product that should be explored in dept to develop new drugs to fight tumors.

However, there are tons of published research works to support the usage of Aidan fruits for the treatment of tumor or inflammatory-related ailments such as fibroids.

The few examples cited above give scientific support to the age-long practice by many communities in Africa in the use of Aidan fruits to shrink fibroids naturally without recourse to the dangerous path of surgical removals.

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Preparation And Usage Of Aidan Fruits

Aidan Fruit is very easy to prepare because it is an exotic spice used in cooking in many African communities.

It is used to spice up pepper soup, yam porridges, jollof rice, and many other foods.

In Eha-Amufu town mentioned earlier, the pods are cut into pieces and added to the cooking.

Using the fruits as a spice in cooking keeps you healthy and helps to prevent many ailments especially those associated with women’s health such as fibroids.

However, to prepare the fruits, leaves, bark, or roots of the Aidan plant for medicinal purposes, you need to cut few pods into pieces and boil in water for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Drink as tea ¼ cup morning and evening for a month.

Another method to prepare the medicine is to ground the pods and mix them with honey.

Take one tablespoon morning and night for a month.

Where To Buy Good Quality Aidan Fruit Pods

Aidan fruits are sold in many local markets NEAR YOU, but the greatest challenge is how to get fresh and healthy pods due to the fact that most of the pods sold by local market women may likely be picked from the bushes.

Some of them are already eaten up inside by worms, while others are rotten and infested by ants and insects.

This is because wild animals, especially insects love the fruit because of its exotic smell, and possibly to keep themselves healthy too like humans do.

You can however obtain freshly harvested Aidan fruits online from Jumia, Jiji or Aidan fruits development and marketing companies.

Aidan fruit for fibroid? Can Aidan fruit cure fibroid?

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