{Video}:Colorado Drug Use In Nigeria

Colorado drug use in Nigeria? Yesterday, we looked into how the substance Mkpuru Mmiri is destroying youths in Nigeria. Here comes another heavy and deadly one, Colorado.

Actually, it is bad news for Nigerian parents as their children and wards keep indulging in drug abuse.

Not too long ago it was Codeine that was massively abused by our youths in a bid to get “high”.

Although Marijuana has become a normal thing, “SK” a thing of the past, sweet Codeine is no longer popular or in vogue, Mkpuru Mmiri trending but something deadlier has replaced it.

Guys have up their game to start ingesting Coloroda.

Colorado has previously been rumored to be a combination of strong marijuana variants but with a strong indication of potency beyond any synthetic drug, a new story has emerged.

Colorado makes a user start behaving like a mad person, being “high” on a different level.

Colorado is a drug made from a synthetic plant, it is said to contain heavy metal that is not suitable for human consumption.

It would, of course, make one high, induces retching, irregular breathing and it causes behaviours quite related to temporary madness.

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The users will keep muttering rubbish, unable to be still and lack of control over every part of their bodies.

Colorado is a deadly drug and it’s important to stop your friends and family from taking it.

Well, someone may ask; what makes people to indulge in taking Colorado? Actually, it depends on several factors as far as Nigeria society is concerned.

It ranges from lack of gainful employment, changing in social values/etiquette, lack of proper guidance from the family/right agencies and organizations.

That may lead to such delinquency in our youth population. Also, the government and the people of Nigeria have to step up to curb this menace.

With that said, Colorado drug is one of the strains of banned substances that drug addicts and unsuspecting new entrants experiment with in Lagos, which the United Nations 2018 drug use statistics says has a high prevalent use of psychotropic substances.

The UN report says Lagos, Gombe and Oyo states have between 21 and 33 per cent drug abuse prevalence, compared to the rest of the country.

Among other things, the UN survey also pegged the average daily expenditure on cannabis at $1.15, equivalent to N417.45 per user.

However, according one of the users, Jules Ozoemena, a brand and advertising expert, and a reformed addict, who confessed as follows;

“I started with weed…”

Explaining how he spent the better part of his formative years smoking cannabis, Ozoemena said he was initiated into the world of ‘ganja’ or marijuana shortly after he gained admission into the University of Benin.

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“Just like many other innocent and depressed youths, I was initiated into it by some of my course mates. I am the product of a dysfunctional family who always felt depressed every time I returned home from school. My parents were always picking quarrels over one domestic issue or the other.”

His miserable mood had caught the attention of some course mates who allegedly introduced him to recreational drugs to cheer him up.

“That was how I got hooked. My family and siblings knew something was wrong with me.

“But I couldn’t bring myself to tell them what I was passing through for fear of stigma.

“The truth is that some of these drug vendors tried convincing innocent teenagers into believing that smoking marijuana, taking the blue pills and drugs like skunk, skales and this recent one ‘Colorado’ would boost your brain and make you excel in your academic.

“It is a pseudo world where you are promised freedom from all your worries and problems.

“Those are lies from the pit of hell. I started out with weed, upgraded to codeine, and had also tried Tramadol.

“Our group was made up mostly of guys and a few young ladies who were also hooked on the dope.

All these happened before I became born-again.”

Ozoemena’s statement corroborates United Nations’ statistics on Drugs and Crime that one out of four substance abusers is female.

Colorado Drug: A Drug With Many Aliases

Colorado drug use in Nigeria
Colorado drug use in Nigeria

Recently, some viral videos trended on social media, drawing attention to the wave of ‘Colorado’ addiction among recreational drug users in Nigeria.

A handful of the victims in the videos collapsed, a few barked like dogs, some walked around like zombies, and yet another was fortunate to have friends rush him to the nearest hospital.

It can cause some serious side effects such as mental health problems, psychosis and sometimes, zombie-like state which might take a long time to recover from.

It has also been known to cause death.

According to the National Institutes of Health, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health, ‘Colorado’ is often described as ‘synthetic marijuana’ or fake weed because some of its chemicals are like those in marijuana.

Back in 2014, no fewer than 177 different synthetic cannabinoids were reportedly in circulation and the manufacturers are constantly changing the chemicals to dodge the laws.

It can cause some serious side effects such as mental health problems, psychosis and sometimes, zombie-like state which might take a long time to recover from.

It has also been known to cause death.

But what do you have to say about the emergence of this deadly drug called COLORADO in Nigeria?

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