{Video}: Can Quinine Flush Out Sperm? -

{Video}: Can Quinine Flush Out Sperm?

Can quinine flush out sperm? You may have heard that white quinine can be used to prevent pregnancy and also that white quinine can be used for abortion. Is it really so, but how safe is it?

What will happen after using quinine in the first trimester of pregnancy? Let’s consider this.

White quinine: is it good for your health or not? One very important disadvantage of home remedies against pregnancy is that if something works for one person, it may not really work for another.

This, of course, depends on many factors, but primarily on the characteristics of each individual body system. One of these home remedies for preventing pregnancy is white quinine.

Quinine should only be used for the treatment of falciparum malaria. It is the first-line remedy for the treatment of multidrug-resistant falciparum malaria. Now, however, Plasmodium falciparum is resistant to chloroquine.

Sometimes it is used in combination with pyrimethamine/sulfadoxine. Also, this medicine can be found in tonics.

The drink was invented to combat malaria in India and Africa. At one time the soldiers of the British East India company mixed the tonic with gin to get the sharp taste of quinine, and that’s how a popular cocktail named gin and tonic was invented.

Can Quinine Flush Out Sperm Or Can Quinine Cause Miscarriage?

In fact, white quinine can actually cause miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy.

This is because when injected into the body of a pregnant woman, white quinine immediately penetrates the placenta and can seriously harm the fetus leading to miscarriage in early pregnancy.

But this does not mean that the use of white quinine for ABORTION is appropriate. Using white quinine during pregnancy can lead to heavy bleeding, huge negative impact on your health or even death.

If unwanted pregnancy occurred, it is best to contact the DOCTOR and do not risk your health.

For many reasons, couples prefer to use home remedies to prevent pregnancy, rather than different hormones or barrier methods of contraception which are offered by modern medicine.

The concept of preventing pregnancy was as a result of the conviction that the birth of a child should be planned, which allows you to choose the most appropriate time for such an important event.

Of course, the use of home remedies as primary methods of preventing an unwanted pregnancy has its advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, they have always been considered more gentle towards the female body, which makes them a priority compared with various hormonal medicine or other more traditional methods of contraception.

However, today it is considered to be an outdated opinion. Also, it is important to keep in mind that home remedies, which main aim should be preventing pregnancy, do not always guarantee a POSITIVE OUTCOME.

Always remember that each person is different and once you use some of these remedies without a DOCTOR’S prescription, you may end up hurting, or even killing yourself.

In addition, don’t be afraid to take oral contraceptives. You may have read about their terrible consequences and side effects on the Internet, but often, the reason for this is when it is ABUSED.

Most modern oral contraceptives are safe for women’s health. If for some reason, taking medication is not recommended for you, then there are other ways.

Always remember, health is the most important thing we have, so it is important for us to protect it and not risk and unwanted pregnancy especially if you know your only choice, should this happen, is abortion.

Of course, whether to use white quinine as a contraceptive or not is your business. But try to act wisely and don’t be afraid to consult a DOCTOR on such important and delicate questions.

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