$UICIDEBOY$ – Escape from BABYLON Mp3 Download & Lyrics

$UICIDEBOY$ – Escape from BABYLON Mp3 Download & Lyrics. Suicideboys are an American hip hop duo from New Orleans, Louisiana, founded in 2014 by cousins Ruby da Cherry and Scrim. 

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$UICIDEBOY$ – Escape from BABYLON Lyrics;

Finding love in all the wrong places
Shuffling through pretty faces
I’m glad you had a nice time
But right now I need my space, bitch
I don’t wanna waste your time, and I definitely don’t wanna waste mine
If I don’t feel the vibe, I’ll curb you like a stop sign

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I been going through some shit
I guess I’m getting used to it
I been going through some shit
I guess I’m getting used to it
I used to doubt my usefulness

She a bad bitch and her ass thick
She gon turn me to a sad simp
Another habit
Goddamn, I’m such an addict
I always gotta have it
One more time for validation
Watch me turn into a rabbit

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What do ya know?
It’s young wetto riding with a hoe
That bitch before?
She was tripping, had to let her go
Eenie meenie
Miney moe
Now he finger froze
I was sold when I showed my flaws and she loved me more
Used to fucking hate her and she stated that she hate me too
Now it’s babe I love you and she saying boy I love you too
Still I deal with trauma from this ex in my past
Only bitch I know psycho enough to land me in rehab
I ran
40 yard dash with a stash in my pants
Now looking back she never had a chance
Moving on to better things, bigger dreams
Like cumming in pussy and hope my girl has a mini me.

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