Try This If You Want To Be A Good Parent In Nigeria

You want to be a good parent in Nigeria? Parenting is not easy especially here in Nigeria where “hustling” is the order of the day, and it takes a lot of time and effort.

When you first become a parent, you are assailed with well-intentioned advice from well-wishers, friends and family. But ultimately, you have to take a call and decide on the best way to raise your child.

This can be a daunting task. It is a fact that you want to give the best to your child. But in the process, you may end up making mistakes and adopting parenting practices that may not be perfect for your child.

Sincerely speaking, we live in a fast-paced world where things and styles keep changing at a rapid pace. In this scenario, parenting styles also undergo changes too. But the needs of the child remain the same.

Every child needs an environment of safety, proper care, structure, support, and love. It is true that most Nigerian parents work hard to give their child just this.

But at the same time, you, as a parent, must also realise that your child has a unique temperament, personality and goals.

You may want to push your child down a certain path. But what is more important is to nurture a child and make sure that he or she grows up to be a capable person who can independently interact with the world and pursue their goals successfully.

Be A Good Parent In Nigeria

Parent with a child
Parent with a child

To be a good parent in Nigeria, you need to consciously avoid the dangers of abuse (of course you do hear of it daily), neglect or overindulgence. You need to make your child’s safety, health and wellness the first priorities.

You also need to take care to support their emotional well-being and instill the right social skills in them. You must also know that they have the right stimuli for intellectual development.

Be sensitive, caring, a teacher, an instructor and warm. In fact, befriend them. All this will help them to be responsible and successful members of society when they grow up.

Parenting Styles That You Must Avoid

There are a few parenting styles that you need to avoid if you want the best for your child. Here are some of them.


Angry parent on child
Angry parent on child

The first thing you must avoid doing is overparenting your child. One example of this style of parenting is ‘helicopter parenting’ and ‘snowplow parenting’.

In the former, parent are constantly monitoring their child and keeping him or her out of harm’s way. In the latter, all real and perceived obstacles are removed from a child’s path by parents.

This can have a negative impact on a child and lead to mental health problems. Children with such parents also have major self-esteem issues and are less independent.

Too Little Parenting

Japanese parents
Japanese parents

As opposed to the previous style of parenting, too-little parenting is the other end of the spectrum. Here there is a lack of discernable parental engagement during their child’s growing up years.

This kind of parenting can lead to behavioural problems in a child. They begin to rely more on their peers and are led by them in most things.

Incidentally, authoritarian styles of parenting can also have the same effect on children.

The Right Path To Follow


You need to find a balance in your parenting style. Do what works best for you. Be sure that you are loving yet firm.

Allow your child enough space to pursue his or her own interests and dreams. Try and make them independent. Don’t try to shield them from failure as this too can teach them a lot.

Try these tips if you want to be a good parent in Nigeria and see the positive result soon on your children.



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