Travelling To Shanghai, China? Tips You Must Read Before Travelling -

Travelling To Shanghai, China? Tips You Must Read Before Travelling

Shanghai City is the second largest in China. For your trip to be successful, these travel tips are essential to you. This is not a typical European city. Having a population of over 25 million in 6300 square kilometers, it could be the 52nd most populous country if it were one, ahead of a country like Australia. If you are traveling to Shanghai for the first time, you will need these five travel tips. Trust me! They will come in handy.

Carry Toilet Paper To Public Toilets

Ladies! The restrooms are not in short supply. But, you will need to carry tissue paper to public toilets. Also, most of them will require you to squat to carry out your business. This can be discouraging.

But you can check the door for signs with one of the Western toilets. Never flush the toilet paper down the drain. Put it in the dustbin on the side.

Sharpen Your Bargaining Skills

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Everyone would love to. While in Shanghai never buy an item at the first price. Do not worry about tarnishing your image to the vendor, especially in local markets where costs are not indicated.

You will have to ask. Then keep bargaining to a reasonable price in your currency if your Chinese is not good. Use translation applications to keep the conversation going. The discount you get will surprise you. And you will buy many gifts you will carry back home.

Consider Looking For A High School Student

If you need help, consult a high school student. Few people converse in English from the local taxi driver. To the local vendor, you want to buy a gift from. Mandarin has many regional dialects in China. Even native mandarin speakers find communication a problem. Young adults, though, do speak English. You can ask one for help.

Only Drink Bottled Water

It will be difficult to be friendly in China. You will need to buy bottled water. Refill stations are only found at Pudong Airport as tap water is not safe to drink. You can buy a water filter. Or drink boiled water. But it is unknown how much safer the water will be.

Bid Goodbye to Social Media

In Shanghai, you cannot access social media like Facebook unless you use a virtual private network. You will catch up with the rest of the world only when you leave the city. Wi-Fi is free, but it is not reliable as the internet speed can be slow especially on a laptop when compared to a phone.

Hope you are now looking forward to your trip to Shanghai. With the tips, you have a rough image of how things operate in Shanghai. Where you will need to carry your supply of tissue, carry around bottled water and sharpen your bargaining skills. Hence, prepare for your trip earlier and enjoy the beauty, culture, cuisines and customs followed in shanghai. Make every moment countable and worthy.


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