Top Nigerian Health Blogs To Visit Regularly

Nigerian health blogs? It’s well-known that your health is significant for your well-being and gone are the days when Nigerians don’t pay attention to their well-being.

Without much ado, are you aware that you can`t buy good health? Or can you? No matter your answer, I have made some researches and here to share the top health blogs here in Nigeria.

I know, blogs like, Nairaland,, Naijaloaded,,, and other entertainment blogs have registered in mind but there are quality Nigerian health blogs that contribute much to healthy living that we Nigerians don’t know about.

Most times, Nigerians, businesses and companies in health sector find it hard to locate a credible health blog to market their products and services.

Well, this very post is an eye opener to that. There are credible health blogs in Nigeria to promote your health and beauty products and services.
However, if you want to be healthy as a Nigerian or you like anything health, then you must follow at least one of these Nigerian health blogs that will be listed below.

Top Nigerian Health Blogs To Visit Regularly


This very blog is owned by Dr. Udomoh Eshemokha. He’s a young and vibrant medical doctor with experience.

The blog is a research-based health site that specialize on science-backed facts about diseases and treatments. There is no doubt, is one of the best health blog to visit here in Nigeria regularly.

The blog has thousands of visitors daily and it has the capacity to compete with any foreign health blog.

Doksblog is owned by Oduigwe Chidera Dok. A graduate of Biochemistry, who works at Brain Plus Specialist Hospital, Owerri, Imo State

Doksblog, as its commonly called brings well curated and up-to-date information about general human health as well as in-depth aspects of human health such as sexual health, STD, general health, physical fitness, and wellness tips.

The posts on Doksblog is very concise and informative, and the blog layout is nice to look at. The blog has a tons of visitors daily especially from Nigeria and USA.

If you are looking for health blog to visit, then Doksblog is the right blog to visit regularly. They also accept paid or sponsorship posts for individuals, businesses and companies looking for ways to promote their products and services.

This blog is been updated regularly.

9jaFood is a blog or platform where you will learn much about Nigeria dishes and those of other nations that you can devour and enjoy.

You know how Nigerians crave for good foods and they are now mindful of what goes through the mouth.

One good thing about is that, they publish recipes and also show in video how it is been done.

Actually, it is a place where persons who want to master the art of cooking can come and learn tricks that will help them take hold of hearts, especially that of men.


This blog claims to be the guide to health and wellness. Healthtian, formerly known as Healthable always has a lot of valuable health information to churn out to their valuable readers.

With Kingsley Felix (newly married as at the time of writing) as creator and chief Editor, Healthtian is no doubt one of the top best health and wellness blog in Nigeria you need to visit.

This blog is divided into General health, Weight Loss/ Gain tiops, Foods section, Beauty tips, Sexual health and diseases such as Cancer.

This blog has quality web design and is quite easy to navigate.

Healthsaveblog made it to our awesome list of top health blogs in Nigeria because of the quality of their articles in their different health segments.

One interesting part of this blog is that, it takes some seconds for you to visit.

Mamalette is a blog or platform that focuses on improving health outcomes for pregnant women and new mothers who are vulnerable or socially marginalised while simultaneously providing employment opportunities for women, infant health information peer support, group meetings and awareness campaigns.

Top Nigerian health blogs to visit regularly?
Visit those Nigerian health blogs above and see the one that solve or serves your personal needs. Remember, good health is wealth…….

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