Top 10 Sacrifices To Consider In The Journey Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the concept of designing, and managing a business along with any of its risks in order to make profits. It is the process of setting up one’s own business as distinct from pursuing any other economic activity.

The people who create and manage these businesses are called entrepreneurs. They are people who identify problems and proffer urgent solutions.

Actually, it takes sacrifice to succeed in life and that is what being an entrepreneur entails. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, here are the top 10 sacrifices to consider. Note, this is not one-size-fits all.

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Dedicate Time For Your God

We all have our belief system and the kind of God we worship via Christianity, Islamic, or African Traditional Religion. Whichever you believe in, call on Him to protect you, and your business.

Avoid Being Materialistic

What do you I mean by this? There is this popular belief that the more big phones, flashy dresses, heavy gadgets and having a car etc makes you a man or a woman is actually a fallacy.

It’s good to have them but the appropriate time of having them is crucial. As a start-up you can’t afford to consider this over your business.

Stop Womanizing

This looks funny, but this actually can kill your dream and collapse your business or divert your attention if not stopped. This is why I have actually put it at the top of all priorities.

Whether you like it or not, womanizing comes with a cost that you must be prepared to pay. This cost should be best channeled to your business start-up or growth.

Pick Your Life Partner

This is very tricky, but it has the tendency to pave the way for greater things in the business. The woman has to buy into your vision and has to understand how your expenditure life is going to be.

I am not saying you should be “stingy” in relationship but know how to ones in a while enjoy life together. The potential woman must abide by No. 1, 2, and any other priorities established for the sake of the business to survive. Note that, there is more to enjoy after you have both achieved the ultimate goal.

Avoid Party-Party, Excessive Drinking, And Limit No. Of Friends To Have

The fact is, the journey of entrepreneurship is not a joking arena. You can’t mixed it with the above if you want to succeed. You have to trade one for the other. The choice is yours my dear.

Control Your Personal Expenditure

Do not be ruled by what other people will say. Your business startup or growth should be “directly proportional” to your thoughts, but not the thoughts of others.

Learn To Say No

In many instances we get approached by family members or some orders for financial assistance or visit social places when you actually know that accepting this offer at this time will affect your business strength.

Learn to say NO and later if there is the need to reconsider it, then you have too. You are not being rude, the fact is you can’t meet that demand. Better still if someone asked you for assuming N10,000 help, learn not to offer all the assistance but offer him/her 20-30% of that.

Save Against Tomorrow

I won’t explain this, but failure to do so; it means you will be hit hard when there is an external shocks like Pandemics (what is happening with COVID-19), Sickness of you or love one, etc.

Invest In Your Woman

Yes, I said invest in your woman. Initially I said your woman should also act like you or believe in the dream and also support your priorities. But you know what, there is a popular saying that, “Body No Be Firewood”.

Don’t be stingy, and also I am not saying you should be flashy by buying her expensive stuffs. The most important thing here is, she should be good looking and all her basics should be sorted out.

If you have to sacrifice yours for hers, you can do that. Whiles the woman believed in you, it’s crucial that she don’t get carried away by other females looks.

Cut Off External Pressures From Your Extended Family

Does this need an explanation? Sort it out by yourself.


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