A woman by name Maria was born in a respectful royal family where everyone sees his or herself as a prominent person. Although six (6) in their family, their royal father treated them equally and most times referred to each one of them as king or queen. They all believed the apparent instinct of their father, especially Maria that her royal father was fond of because of her bravery and meekness. Maria was living as though tomorrow will be far better than yesterday and the present.

A day came when the humble loyal father was nowhere to be found again in the land of the living. Maria was dejected with this very sad news not only because she lost her father but because of the kind of love the father founds in her has terminated in a short period of time.

After the burial of the father, the younger brother of Maria ascend the throne of his father but Maria being a courageous and sensitive woman noticed a paradigm shift in what she referred to as Ochichi (leadership). She strongly believed that the throne has lost its love and kindness towards her.

Few years later, Maria found love outside the palace in a nearby land of Odu. The man proves to be in love with her at that period and she got married to him, of which the brother was not in support. In order to avoid any resentment or misunderstanding between the two families, the man decided to take Maria with himself to Berlin in Germany.

There in Berlin, Maria gave birth to two children and thereafter her so-called lover or sweetheart left her with the two kids and disappeared in Berlin which caused Maria to be radically grieved and jeopardized. She, despite her royal background, wealth, educational setup and others, was thrown into everlasting hades on earth. Maria who once thought and believed that Germany will be comfortable for her was stripped naked with only two kids to care for without any feasible support from anybody.

Though God blessed her in Berlin through one of her two children called Nkem but she couldn’t mask the tears and that feeling of agony, betrayal, hatred etc she once experienced in the past. Maria who was born in high class family with every good thing at her own disposal is now gnashing teeth with poverty and challenges.

Maria, who was loved and cherished then was demoted and reduced to live like an asylum seeker in the street of Berlin. Just only a space of time, she almost lost everything that coloured her life as a royal figure. That space of time is TOMORROW and is never guaranteed. You might be directly opposite of what you were today when TOMORROW knocks. TOMORROW has the ability to make you say “hello to other side of life”. Like Maria’s situation, TOMORROW is and will always remain a mystery, and is never in one form or the other guaranteed.

From Oduigwe Chidera Dok.

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