Tips To Kick-Start Your New Year In A Healthy Manner -

Tips To Kick-Start Your New Year In A Healthy Manner

As 2019 ends, there are health resolutions that you may have made at the beginning but you failed to attain. According to Dr. Paul Kasenene, a nutritionist, even when you fall off your programme, think about the reasons you mentioned a particular goal as a resolution and get back on track. However, below are some tips that will help you stay on track in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle this new year.

Get Yourself Hydrated

The principle to good health is drinking more of clean water. If you have not been drinking a lot of clean water in the previous year, this is the time to start.

The colour of your urine will always help you know if you are dehydrated or not. Your urine should be clear most of the time if you drink enough water.

Try Consider Something Raw

The actual recommendation is that 50 per cent of all food consumed is raw. This is because cooking and processing food kills vitamins and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables and also kills enzymes and bacteria that are found in food that are necessary for digestion, assimilation and even utilisation of other nutrients for health purposes.

Eating something raw with each meal makes it more likely to have more nutrients in your diet. Ensure to have fruit at breakfast, nuts and fruit at different breaks for a snack, and maybe some raw vegetables and avocado at lunch and dinner.

Reduce Meat Intake

A number of people love meat and animal based food sources in such a way that by the time a week is done, they may have consumed more than what is recommended. According to experts, you must reduce your intake of meat to reduce health risks associated with high cholesterol such as cancer.

For the times you are opting for meats, ensure that you go for fresh meats instead of the processed ones. This is because processed meats often contain a lot of sodium which is a known contributor to hypertension and heart disease in the long run.

Exercise Regularly

You may have set exercising as part of your goals last year but it ended without you realising this goal. It is never too late to start exercising again.

Depending on what your objective of exercising is, you can start with three times a week for about 10 minutes each day then gradually increase with time. Have a routine time table so that you train your mind to do it as planned. You do not have to wait until there are minimal obstacles like a holiday in order for you to start.

If you think you cannot do it a lot and need morale, you can join a fitness group or gym but remember to get advice from your doctor before you start. Also, a physiotherapist will advise you on the type of exercises you need to do especially if you have any underlying illness.

Cut Down Sugar Intake

Liquid-sugar calories have become the most significant contributor to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. As a new year resolution, you may want to avoid processed, junk foods which include sodas, juices, crisps, chips and diet drinks, which adversely impact sugar and fat metabolism.

The best kinds of sugars are those that occur naturally in foods and fruits. However, natural sugar additives such as honey, maple syrup and stevia are also recommendable for both children and adults.

Healthy Diet Is Key

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. They come in a variety of colour pigments that help give a variety of health benefits.

Each colour pigment does not only come with a nutrient benefit but will also boost your healthy eating so you can maintain a healthy weight.


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