Tips To Financial Wellness -

Tips To Financial Wellness

  1. Do not ignore debts – List all debts, including family and friends. Get in touch with your creditors and make arrangement to pay them.
  2. Prioritize your debts – Make sure that you pay your essential debts first. Pay off debt with higher interest rates first.
  3. Do not borrow to pay off debt – Avoid borrowing more credit to settle your other debts. This will get in into a debt cycle. Do not buy food on credit.
  4. Cut down on expenses – Rather focus more on needs than wants. You should also consider early settlement of loans to save on interest.
  5. Surrender the goods you cannot afford – This you can do by giving written notice to creditors on the intention to terminate an agreement and return purchased goods within five days.
  6. Start saving – Put aside money for unforeseen circumstances and use your bonus to create personal wealth.

Wish you financial freedom this festive period and new year ahead!!!!

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