Tips For Maintaining Weight Loss -

Tips For Maintaining Weight Loss

For the countless amount of individuals who struggle with weight loss, nothing can be more gratifying than the initial success of a diet and exercise program. However, it can be extremely frustrating and discouraging to regain all of the weight back from the initial month of a healthier lifestyle regiment. Here are five expert tips to ensure that the weight loss will not be in vain.

Starting Off Right

One foolproof strategy to ensure your lost pounds stay off is to exercise in the morning. Productivity in the morning sets the standard of success for the rest of the day.

As a working professional and parent, nothing can provide more satisfaction than knowing that I started the day with an exercise routine. You will have great relief knowing that the most difficult portion of your day is finished!

Eat Every Meal

The temptation to skip meals for instant gratification on the scale is a continual threat to maintaining weight loss. This is a faulty strategy as it often leads to overeating and more damaging results.

A great approach to abide by is eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Also, avoid snacks between meals as it just adds extra calories to your daily intake.

Food Prep

Food preparation is an essential catalyst behaviour that leads to consistent weight loss. Find times throughout your week that are dedicated to preparing healthy meals. One effective component of food prep is cooking in bulk.

Try cooking your proteins and complex carbohydrates in large quantities for the week. Preparation creates organization and structure to your week and you will increase your chances of success.

Watch Your Liquids

A typical can of soda can contain nearly 200 calories and 40 grams of sugar. Focus on drinking water to keep your liquid calories minimal. There are many strategies to “spice” up your water and make the water-drinking experience more enjoyable.

Try different herbs like rosemary and mint paired with watermelon and oranges to provide tasty and flavourful varieties.

Effective Exercise

Get the most bang for your buck by focusing on compound exercises. Deadlifts, lunges, presses, and burpees work multiple muscle groups and burn tons of calories.

These types of exercises are efficient and can be incorporated into any busy lifestyle and require minimal equipment. If you are traveling for work and staying at a hotel, all you need is floor space and a chair!


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