Things Shouldn’t Do Immediately After The Lockdown Ends

It has been more than one month now that President Muhammadu Buhari announced lockdown in Nigeria. On Monday,the lockdown was extended till May 4 and many of us are now eagerly awaiting for restrictions to be eased and economic activities to resume.

Even after the lockdown ends, it would be prudent to continue following all necessary precautions as the threat of the coronavirus will not fade away immediately. Here are some things one should bear in mind after the lockdown is lifted:

Ignoring social distancing norms

Social distancing is a safe practice that populations should continue following even after the restrictions are lifted. Practising social distancing reduces the risk of airborne infections that are transmitted through cough droplets.

Eating unhealthy food

It has always been important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. During the coronavirus pandemic, it is even more important to boost our immunity. Therefore, we must get adequate intake of antioxidants, avoid binge-eating unhealthy snacks and ordering food from outside.

Not following cleanliness and personal hygiene practices

It remains pertinent to wash hands properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. One must wash hands after coming home from outside, touching frequently-touched surfaces, before and after eating meals and after using tissues to cover a cough.

Use an alcohol-based sanitiser if unable to wash hands. Also, follow coughing etiquettes and cover your mouth with handkerchief or napkin while coughing and sneezing.Can Anxiety Symptoms Be Mistaken For Coronavirus? Here Are 4 Symptoms And How To Differentiate

Planning a vacation

It would be wise to not plan a vacation right after the lockdown ends. Most international borders have been sealed. It would be good to remind yourself that the movement of population from country to country made the coronavirus a global pandemic.

Stay indoors and relax instead.

Partying in clubs or shopping in malls and markets

While some of us might be craving to party, for the benefit of yourself and your surroundings, avoid going to crowded places for partying in clubs and bars, shopping in malls or markets. It defeats the purpose of social distancing and exposes us to the threat to infection.

Don’t throw away the masks

In an ideal scenario, to tackle the pandemic, there is no harm in continuing using your home-made masks while going outside. These will come in handy if visiting the pharmacy or going to grocery stores.

Large gatherings at home

Even as you might want to hug your friends after the lockdown ends, avoid doing that. Restrict large gathering or throwing a get-together party at your home, assembling for big family functions and for some time at least, continue using video conferencing or phone calls to connect.

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