They’re Not For You

I’m quite sure that you may ask; who are not for you? Well, the answer to that such question is not far-fetched.

Just take your time and look around you, just look at the different faces of those around you. Who do they claim they’re to you? Brother, sister or friend?

Honestly, they’re around you either as a brother, sister or friend because you’re probably ahead of them in one way or the other.

They’re around you now because the money is available. They’re around you now because they believed you have a role to play in there lives.

But if I may ask; what actually happens when the money or fame seems not to be on your side anymore?

Then you will realise that those that claimed to be your brother, sister or best friend will desert you.

They will disappear like ghost. And when they do, try as much as you can to be on your KNEELS and move on.

Remember, every problem has a solution, every disappointment carries greater appointment with it, to every rejection there is a comforter to heal, and every situation has an expiration date stamped on it.

My dear time HEALS

So therefore, play your game “tight and coded” as nobody will be there for you.

They’re not for you and they will NEVER be there for you rather they’re around you now because of the blessings they observed over your life…

Is your brother and blogger, Oduigwe Chidera Dok

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