The Power Of Determination: What About It? -

The Power Of Determination: What About It?

Many times, we are consumed with this common thought; “I want to be this or the other.” I could remember periods before now, when I was overwhelmed about being a professional footballer or a writer. I’m ever determined to make an impact to the society.

Concerning football, not just being a footballer, rather I want to be a great one for that matter. This intrinsic determination was driven by the fact that I cherish the potentials and amazing skills of former Brazilian and Bacerlona, world best player, Ronaldinho.

Most times, I may decide not to eat, drink as usual and sleep at the appropriate time reason because I want to watch him, Ronaldinho play. I was determined to be like or perhaps more than him then, but the dream was kindled down and waxed cold during and after my university days. This may be as a result of some personal reasons.

However, being in the university triggered my heart again to appreciate the desire to write. I like to write just to encourage people and I developed interest in writing while watching my father preparing lesson notes for his students, writing for the community, the church and for their union.

Initially, I was writing for nothing and nothing more than that. Low writing skill, lack of interest from people, lack of encouragement (except self) and recognition.  But I was determined to do it (to write) despite my lapses. Today, through the assistance of a friend named Osuji Obinna Emmanuel, I can now be able to write a piece of article and people will be interested to read, reply and ask for more.

Actually, through this journey of writing wasteful articles to meaningful ones, my determination to key in more effort somehow increased. As it increased, the opportunity in it begins to appear spontaneously. Did you know that, it’s your determination that makes you the person you are now and who you want to become in future?

Honestly you are living, despite the hardship, just because you believe to achieve one thing or the other the next day, maybe next week, next month, next year or some years to come. This is the power of determination. It keeps the general human race going due to the vision they are pursuing, which they believe will come to fulfillment one day. Though their imaginations may not mature at the appointed time but their determination makes it possible with their patient.

It’s important to bear in mind that one’s determination may be the secret of his or her success, achievements, good conduct, and longevity. He or she has set goals and a driving force to achieve it. He or she is determined to be there, at that zenith position, despite the shallow challenges. He or she is living a well stream-lined life that is focused towards the peak.

Sincerely, when you are determined for something; challenges, competitions, side talks and limited resources will now turn to be like a building block to your success. But the compelling question here is; do you believe? If so, then determine to achieve it as IMPOSSIBILITY is NOTHING my dear.

From: Oduigwe, Chidera Dok

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