Where I’m actually living now, I had a kid friend. He is very close to me and others in the building. He was loved and cherished, pampered, well-treated and recognized. Despite his tender age, he eats from the same pot with everyone in the building. We loved him because he is vibrant, respectful, playful, intelligent and jovial.

But a day came, for the fact that he eats with us, climb my back, match on my bed despite the nature of his legs, he starts to see me as Mr. nobody. He starts seeing me as a stupid dude, talks to me like I’m a jailed drug lord, he starts stepping on my toes, calling me names with unfamiliar language. He cheats on me as if I can’t put a stop to his cruel actions. He enriched himself at my very expense. What a world!!!

A time came, a time of resistance, a time of no space for him, a time of no recognition. Now he has lost the privilege he had then. Another person, who is not smart or intelligent like him is being choosed. He has lost the “Garden of Eden”. He can’t come close to my doorpost any longer let alone entering into the building or climbing my back. He feels so dejected as the building that once gave him shelter exposes him to the harsh UV light of the hot sun. He tried to regain it but his effort proved abortive. Now he decides to jump from one building to another seeking for such a shelter like a LOST MAN.

My dear, don’t be like that lost man that lost his kingdom out of cheating character. Don’t be like him that destroyed his family and relationships, seeking for possible reunion thereafter. Don’t be like him that sold his brothers, sisters and God-given wealth all in the name of SHEKEL. Don’t be like him that the whole kingdom believed does not know how to play politics because he sold his people all in the name of SHEKEL. Don’t be like that man that his descendants can no longer settle in their community just because he abused it long ago through his indefinite love for SHEKEL and hatred. Don’t be like him who acquires knowledge at the platter of gold but his descendants strive hard just to acquire ordinary O-level education. Don’t be like him who out of greediness and personal interest sold out God-given natural resources and now his descendants are dying out of its mismanagement and abuse.

Don’t be like that lost man who because of his love for SHEKEL killed mom, dad and his best friend or even betrayed them. Instead of being a lost man, be you a LIBERATED MAN who knows what it takes to lay down good foundation for the future. A liberated man who is not defined by enticing SHEKEL nor naturally wired with hatred and greediness. Be you a man of wisdom, vision, understanding, exposure, love and kindness, a liberated man.

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok

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