The Kiffness x Grace Lokwa – Kumama Papa (Viral Tiktok Remix)

The Kiffness x Grace Lokwa – Kumama Papa (Viral Tiktok Remix) Mp3 Download. Born on 11th February 1988 in Cape Town, South Africa.

David Scott, also known by his stage name the Kiffness, is a South African musician, producer, and parody artist who is the founder and lead singer of the band the Kiffness.

Despite the band’s name, Scott is referred to as the Kiffness alone. 

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However, he remixed this song titled “Kumama Papa” featuring Grace Lokwa, and this very song has been going viral on various social media especially TikTok. Listen and be blessed!!!

Song Review;

  1. Awesome well done again. African praise is so beautiful. Praise the lord!
  2. I hesitated to watch because I’ve been so amazed at the humble songs you’ve done before, and I knew that your winning streak could not continue. I was premature. This one just needs to loop for another hour, is all.
  3. Just wanted to say thank you for all the beautiful music and songs from you. You really made my day. Especially today when I feel far from God and this song reminds me to be faithful in times of shame and problem. Thank you so much for the other musics as well.
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Artist Names: The Kiffness x Grace Lokwa

Song Title: Kumama Papa (Viral Tiktok Remix)

Year Released: 2024

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