The 1975 – Part Of The Band Mp3 Download & Lyrics

The 1975 – Part Of The Band Mp3 Download & Lyrics

The 1975 – Part Of The Band Mp3 Download & Lyrics

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The 1975 – Part Of The Band Lyrics;

[Verse 1: Matthew Healy]
She Was Part Of The Air Force
I Was Part Of The Band
I Always Used To Bust Into Her Hand
In My, My, My Imagination
I Was Living My Best Life, Living With My Parents
Way Before The Paying Penance And Verbal Propellants
And My, My, My Cancellation
Hm, Yeah!
And I Fell In Love With A Boy
It Was Kinda Lame
I Was Rimbaud And He Was Paul Verlaine
In My, My, My Imagination
So Many Cringes And Heroin Binges
I Was Coming Off The Hinges
Living On The Fringes
Of My, My, My Imagination, Oh! Yeah!

[Pre-Chorus: Matthew Healy]
Enough About Me Now
“You Gotta Talk About The People, Baby”
But That’s Kind Of The Idea

[Chorus: Matthew Healy]
At Home, Somewhere I Don’t Like
Eating Stuff Off Of Motorbikes
Coming To Her Lookalikes
I Can’t Get The Language Right
Just Tell Me What’s Unladylike

[Verse 2: Matthew Healy]
I Know Some Vaccinista Tote Bag Chic Baristas
Sitting In East On Their Communista Keisters
Writing About Their Ejaculations
“I Like My Men Like I Like My Coffee
Full Of Soy Milk And So Sweet
It Won’t Offend Anybody”
Whilst Staining The Pages Of The Nation
Oh! Yeah!

[Pre-Chorus: Matthew Healy]
A Xanax And A Newport
“Well I Take Care Of My Kids”, She Said

[Chorus: Matthew Healy]
The Worst Inside Of Us Begets
That Feeling On The Internet
It’s Like Someone Intended It
(Like Advertising Cigarettes)
A Diamond In The Rough Begets
The Diamond With A Scruff You Get
[Instrumental Bridge]

[Outro: Matthew Healy]
Am I Ironically Woke? The Butt Of My Joke?
Or Am I Just Some Post-Coke, Average, Skinny Bloke
Calling His Ego Imagination?
I’ve Not Picked Up That In A Thousand Four Hundred Days
And Nine Hours And Sixteen Minutes, Babe
It’s Kind Of My Daily Iteration.

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